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Dancer, Designer and Choreographer

Ayshe is a New York dance artist, choreographer and designer. Ayshe blends her Greek and American heritage to create an exotic and unusual dance style. She has trained extensively in classical ballet, modern dance, yoga, and numerous ethnic dance forms, particularly Middle Eastern dance, ancient pharaonic dance, and Indian dance. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hunter College in Human Movement, Archaeology, and Middle Eastern Studies.

Ayshe's dance styles include: Turkish and Egyptian style bellydance, Indian dance, ancient Egyptian pharaonic dance, and fusion/ fantasy bellydance.

Currently, Ayshe has been working on creative performance projects and workshops with Venus Uprising and has been performing in dance and fitness dvd's for World Dance New York. In the spring of 2009 she performed and taught at Maja's "Spirit of the Tribes" in Florida and had the honor to perform at Cirque du Soleil's premiere party for the show Kooza. In 2010 she started working with a new group, "Cult of Isis", focused on performing ancient Egyptian dances. The group premiered in the Venus Uprising show, "Metamorphosis" and at Rakkasah East of that year. In 2011 she taught and performed at Rakkasah's Spring Caravan and Cult of Isis was featured at the Theatrical Bellydance Conference in July. Lastly, this spring Ayshe joined Tayyar Akdeniz's “FolkTours” as personal assistant and member of the teaching staff..

Ayshe's Wings and Designs: Besides designing a number of the costumes featured in Goddessdance, Ayshe has been designing "wings of Isis", a spectacular dance prop that transforms a dancer into a vision of a winged goddess. Ayshe is responsible for the initiation of "Isis wings" as a specialty for cabaret performances. Her instructional dvd, Wings: The Complete Teachnique, is the only one of its kind, fully describing and teaching, step by step, the movement vocabulary that Ayshe has created for dancing with wings. Wings were originally used for costuming in Las Vegas acts & Caribbean carnival parades. They found their way into Middle Eastern dance as a means to depict the Egyptian Goddess, Isis, who appears on ancient wall paintings with large bird wings.

Ayshe designs wings for dancers worldwide. Her wings are featured in the Bellydance Superstars. Her company, "Wings of Ayshe", emphasizes designing high quality wings of unusual fabrics and textures. Ayshe continues to experiment with wings, using them with many styles of music and movement.

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