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Lida is an award-winning bellydancer in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was born in Iran to Persian and Azeri parents, and was raised in the wonderfully diverse Bay Area, which offers countless opportunities for engagement in the arts. She became deeply involved in music, theater, and later, bellydance. Lida's solid foundation in Middle Eastern dance is based on the teachings of many of the Bay Area's best instructors. She continues to develop her art with classes and workshops by respected international bellydance artists, as well as classes in Iranian dance.

By day, Lida brings her creativity and drive to the marketing team of a local tech company. She has worked at several well-respected design firms, and holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in graphic design with a minor in art history.

Articles on Gilded Serpent by or about Lida

  • Accepting Our Role as Artists, Politics in Bellydance
    These crucial functions are some of art’s most important contributions, placing artists in essential societal roles as dissectors of beliefs, expressers of feelings, and dissenters of popular opinion. Historically and currently, the term "artist" has a far more significant meaning than simply one who creates art.
  • Embrace the Spotlight! Overcoming Stage Fright
    The only way the audience knows there was a deviation from the plan is if I hesitate or break character. They are none the wiser if I continue dancing purposefully.
  • Color, Graphic Design for Dancers, Part 2
    Now we'll delve into applying colors in marketing materials, returning to the ever-present concepts of hierarchy and legibility introduced previously.
  • Typography, Graphic Design for Dancers, Part 1
    As artists of an often misunderstood dance, we dancers understand that everything we present publicly reflects back upon us as individuals, upon bellydance as an art form, and by extension, the Middle Eastern culture. When presenting these facets in the most favorable light to other dancers or the general public, good design becomes paramount because it is the most unmistakable way to demonstrate our worth.