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El Paso, Texas

Nisreen has been studying the art of belly dance since 2003, when she began taking classes at a local dance studio in El Paso, Texas. Her foundation includes strong hip work, zills (finger cymbals) and familiarity with various rhythms. Eager to learn from the source, she has pursued her training overseas and domestically with dancers who themselves have extensive studies abroad and who have conducted research in their particular style of dance.

During her four training trips to Turkey (2007, 2008, 2012), Nisreen participated in workshops and private lessons, expanding her knowledge of modern Turkish cabaret style, Turkish Romany dance (both home style and for the stage) and she also learned some Turkish folk dancing. After she returned to the US raving about the tomatoes and delectable food in general in Turkey, not to mention the amazing music and dance, she knew she would have to take more than one trip there.

In the Egyptian style, Nisreen has studied with Sahra Saeeda in both Turkey, California and Egypt (2009), becoming certified in Sahra’s program “Journey through Egypt” Level 4. The certification in Egypt included lessons and performances with live music in the Cairo style and Upper Egyptian regional dances. Nisreen’s North Africa experience also includes Morocco, where she traveled in 2010.

Domestically, she previously obtained Level One certification with Suhaila Salimpour and also received instruction from Egyptian, Lebanese and Greek instructors. She has performed in shows, private events, fundraisers and restaurant/nightclubs in various states of the US and through her international travels.

She currently teaches adults and children’s classes in El Paso, Texas. Her group “Zills in the Desert” has performed choreography by Nisreen at various community events such as the Greek Festival in El Paso, Texas, and at fundraisers organized by Nisreen and Patricia Crosby such as last year’s benefit for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure - El Paso Affiliate and this year’s benefit for The Humane Society of El Paso. Nisreen enjoys challenging her enthusiastic children’s group “The Little Zills”, which includes some very talented 8-year-old veteran dancers, with intricate choreography that she herself develops. Nisreen prefers improvisation and live music for her solo performances.

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