Piper Reid Hunt, PhD

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Piper Reid Hunt, PhD

Piper began performing at the age of 8 in Rhea's troupe Nar El Nisaa. Throughout the 1980s, she was the featured dancer at numerous bouzoukia, Lebanese and Syrian restaurants and tourist tavernas in Athens, Greece, usually doing 4 to 6 shows a night, 7 nights a week.

In 1989, Piper moved to Montreal and began studying at McGill University and dancing at popular Greek and Lebanese restaurants in the area. She was awarded her bachelor's degree in biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania in 1995 and immediately began graduate studies at the Johns Hopkins University Medical School.

While completing her doctorate in molecular biology, Piper took time off to enter (and win!) the Belly Dancer of the Year 2000 contest and performs at charity events.

Piper Reid Hunt, Ph.D.
Artistic Director and Chief Choreographer
The Baltimore Daughters of Rhea Dance Ensemble

Web sites: www.daughtersofrhea.com

E-mail: piper@comcast.net

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