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AKA Sierra Suraci

Sierra Suraci currently lives in San Rafael, California. She has been professionally involved in the Bay Area Middle Eastern Dance community since 1972, utilizing the stage name "Sadira". Her resume includes teaching folkloric and ethnic dance styles from many Middle Eastern countries. She specialized in reproducing authentic cultural and ethnological dance styles from these areas. Sierra organized and directed a dance troupe for over 18 years and taught workshops throughout California and Oregon, as well as being a workshop teacher with the Rakkasah Festival in California. She was also a press reporter and writer for three years working for the dance newspaper Habibi, published by Bob and Lynn Zalot.

Sadira is a recognized performer, teacher, troupe director. She was a student, a friend and a troupe member with Rhea and the Nara Nata Troupe. In 1972, she became one of only a few snake dancers in the Bay Area and continued dancing with a snake for over 15 years. Teacher, director and choreographer for Troupe Raks A'Saidi, Sadira has shown her particular dedication to the art of reproducing authentic cultural and ethnological dance styles from all over Egypt and North Africa. sadira's troupe
Sadira's Troupe
Her background includes dances from Upper Egypt, Saidi Dance, Ghawazee Dancing, Saudi, Persian, Tunisian, Moroccan and Algerian, along with traditional cabaret dancing. She has taught workshops and classes for over 20 years throughout California, Oregon and is pleased to have participated as a workshop teacher with the Rakkasah Festival. Sadira has performed as a regular dancer at The Khyber Pass Restaurant,The Darvish, and the Royal India Restaurant. She has also been a guest performer at the Casbah and Bagdad clubs in San Francisco, and Hadi's in San Jose, CA. Sadira is currently involved in working as a community advocate and health resource for Native American communities. Greatly interested in alternative healing arts, she brings with her various degrees and certificates in Nursing, Health Education, American Indian Studies and Holistic body work. She is also a trained Reiki master and Jin Shin Do Accupressure. She is also most currently well known for her expertise as a professional intuitive and medium. Sierra currently works as a consultant to private clients, companies, group workshops, detectives and police agencies.

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Contributor to the Belly Dance Reader Volumn 1