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Gilded Serpent presents...
Spokane's First Belly Dance Festival

Text by Nadiyah, the sponsor
Photos and Captions by Lynette

posted- 12-27-05

Spokane’s First Annual Belly Dance Festival offered instruction for belly dancers of all levels and a variety of styles.  The workshops showcased the talent and knowledge of Alexandra King, Aleili, and Zaina Hart.  The classes showcased the talent and knowledge of local instructors Haji, Jende, Jyotir, Nah’ Joom, and Nizana.  In an adjacent room, vendors lined the walls:  Aleedra, Double Crown Productions, Halima’s Designs, Hulia’s Treasures, Lost Treasures, Magic City Costumes, Nadiyah’s, and Nah ‘Joom.

The evening show was filled with a variety of professional and amateur dancers and dance styles as well:  Alexandra King, Aleili, Alwiyah, Angel Knapp, Dakini, Haji, Hasna Haddiyah, Jende', Joytir, Nah' Joom Dancers, Marion Moat, Nizana, Oberon, Soraya, Sheherazade Squad, Sha-Mal, Sisters of Selket, Troupe Shalimar, and Zaina Hart.  During intermission, Marion Moat cited gypsy tales. 

Alexandra King in the evening performance

Nadiyah, the sponsor, performs with her troupe

Darcel of the Scheherazade Squad
Aleedra suffered a common costuming failure that she handled with grace and humor allowing the audience to refocus on one of the most musical dances of the evening.

Troupe work was very difficult to see due to the stage lighting of just spotlights.

The Nah'Joom Dancers

Angel Knapp

Dressing room improv?

Audience member mesmerized

Diane Stutzman (Amina) sells tickets



Dancers watch their friends as they await their turn

Scheherazade Squad

The only vendor at the evening performance was Nah 'Joom

Nadiyah had three goals in mind when hosting the belly dance festival:

  1. To open up the market and locate more students for the local instructors. 
  2. To bring quality, outside instruction to the more advanced dancers.
  3. To create a fun atmosphere where dancers can share their talent, skill, and abilities with other dancers.

Although the turnout was smaller than anticipated, all three goals were accomplished.  Many of those attending the classes and workshops were brand new to belly dance. The advanced workshop instruction was inspiring and helpful for those that attended. The evening show was filled with talent. 

The community expects the next festival to be even better because many dancers have stepped forward to assist Nadiyah with the planning process through Bellydancers Unlimited, Inc.

The next big Spokane event will be May 20-21, 2006 and will feature Eva Cernik in Turkish Oriental and Veil. The following year, Hala and other instructors will be showcased in a Spokane's Second Belly Dance Festival. Any one interested in volunteering to help facilitate the festival can contact Nadiyah at

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12-13-05 The Zar by Yasmin
We do know that today thousands of women in Africa and the Middle East use this music to cure all kinds of illnesses. They literally dance until they drop.

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