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Randy Vogel displays his version of Lynette's photo
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On November 13th, 2005,
Alexandria presented again this year the Carnival of Stars, which was a unique festival bringing together two distinct communities. The festival combined a Belly dance festival with a comic book convention. In addition to the dancing and vending, comic book artists were on hand to demonstrate their ability to convert photos into works of art as well as to promote their work. Your photo could be interpreted in the personal style of each artist right there at the festival. Prices for this service varied from free promotion to $40 per drawing. A couple of the artists chose to take the work to their home studio and send it later. Some artists also will paint your portrait. Be sure to clarify with each artist about your intentions for the artwork. Often they will write at the bottom of the artwork if they give their permission to use the artwork for your own publicity.

Look below at the work that was produced at this event. Come next year ready with a copy of your favorite photo and get personalized artwork you can treasure forever. For this report, we asked each artist to use the same photo shown below.

Lynette & Maloos, 1997
photo by Walt Rasmussen

artwork by Alexandria herself

Mark Bode

Alyson McKellar

Randy Vogel also drew the poster for this year's event. View here on Alexandria's site.

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5-31-02 "The Art of Tempest"
The first image, "Dance," is inspired by the Minoan priestesses and is a monotype/mixed media

6-24-04 Saving Grace, Belly Dance Comicstm by Alexandria
"Could I sit here for a few moments?"

10-30-04 Fill-'Er Up! by Alyson
"I'm so glad you came to help me Theify!", Alexandria's Belly Dance Comics tm

10-19-99 Belly Dancer Paper Doll by Jan Dove
Print this paper doll. Then color, cut her out and PLAY!

1-25-05 Intruder, BEWARE! comic by Lynette
"How dare they pollute our pond!"

5-5-05 Initiating Dance Dialogue: Current Trends, The Panel Discussion at Carnivals of Stars Festival, transcribed from video by Andrea, Panel members included: Heather as moderator, Monica Berini, Shira, Barbara Bolan, Amina Goodyear, Debbie Lammam.

5-5-05 Carnival of Stars Holiday Dance Festival and Comic Book Convention Photos by GS Staff
A new festival held on Nov 14, '04 produced by's at Centennial Hall, in Hayward, California, which included a panel discussion, raffle, costume contest, and famous comic artists, along with the usual dancing and vendors.

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