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Gilded Serpent presents...
Spirit of the Tribes 2006

Photos by Juddy Lane
submitted by Maja
, Event Sponsor
April 2006
War Memorial Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A Belly dance festival specializing in "Tribal Fusion" including dance
from culturals other than from the Middle East or North Africa.

As always, editor appreciates readers contributing any further names for faces appearing in the below photos.

Maja & the Gypsy Tribe
in a Bollywood and Gypsy dance

Gypsy Tribe in a salute to the rituals of the temples in India

Romka of Washington D.C.

Miguel & the Flamenco Tribe of Florida

Rose, Jill, MIra, and Elizabeth of California

Gypsy Kelts of Florida

Fire Riz and Johanna

Echan & Miho of Japan

Domba of Arizona

Desert Sin of California

The Gypsy dance of Rajisthan

xGypsy Hands of Tennesee
Soul of Brazil

Carmen the Peacock Goddess

Carmen Miranda is alive!

Bacabuda Arts of Florida
a merging of the Taiko Japanese Drummings,
martial arts, full Samurai armor & their dancers in kimonos

"The young lady in the center of the photo (long hair) for Bacabuda Arts of Florida is
Naomi Graham-Diaz. Her website is, pretty much the only English spot on the Internet for accurate and detailed information about geisha and maiko." Thanks Laura!

Arishlam of Puerto Rico

Anaya of Ohio

The next Spirit of the Tribes Festival will be April 27-29, 2007.

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Ready for more?
2-11-04 My Tribal Fusion Festival in Florida by Maja, the Girl from the Nile
If we have a dream, we should go for it….

8-4-06 Field Report from the Dance Gig Front by Surreyya Hada
After a pause, and a little embarrassment, I threw my hands up at him in disgust and walked away. The audience laughed loudly.

8-1-06 Rhea’s Travel to Syria, Part 5 –Sex and the Single Girl by Rhea of Athens
The Trials and Travails of a Lone Female Traveler

7-31-06 From the Land Down-under, Part I: The Festival by Trisnasari of Melbourne, Australia
In the wings, before we hit the festival stage, Andrea whispered to Mel and I, “Well, this is our first international performance!”

7-25-06 Freedom From Choreography: A Lucy Report by Nisima
Lucy certainly did “Free me”! ...

7-20-06 About Cymbals & a Workshop Checklist, Rhythm and Reason Series, Article 13 by Mary Ellen Donald
Believe it or not, playing cymbals can be a real pleasure. Playing them well can greatly enhance your dance performance. Playing apologetic or offbeat cymbals can ruin your dance performance.

7-5-06 Sheikka Rimitti, Queen of the Rai by Linda Grondahl
Unlike most of the music that we are familiar with from the Middle East that are usually unrequited love songs or patriotic love of country songs, the rai songs are about drinking, suicide, suffering, colonialism, poverty, exile, homesickness, corruption and the passion and pain of actual love making.


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