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These photos are very graphic and may be upsetting. They were taken with permission from Sashi and her partner.

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Show introduction added at request of GS readers--
' So, this is the introduction to my performance with my "pierced wings" at Tribal Fest 2006:
"In this next performance, Sashi of Ascend Tribal Dance combines movements and stylings from modern day Tribal Bellydance with aspects inspired by the Tribal Hindu Thaipusam Festivals of Malaysia in which kavadi frames, cheek and tongue spears are worn in trance-like states to honor Lord Muruga while seeking penance for themselves and their community.

This piece is being performed with great respect and understanding of the tribal cultures which inspire our Tribal Bellydance communities and is in no way meant to shock or offend. Rather, it is meant to present further understanding of the sacred tribal aspects from which our dances derive.

This performance ritual involves actual pierced wings. If this is something that you would not care to see, you are welcome to go shopping or enjoy the outdoor stage show at this time.

Namaste."- Sashi'

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5-17-06 An interview with Leila by Lynette
"Turning tricks," or sleeping with nightclub or hotel owners, is not required to make it as a dancer in Egypt, but it is a complicated and questionable industry and there are many pressures.

5-17-06 Making New Musical Inroads in Luxembourg 2005 by Mark and Ling Shien Bell
Helm takes Rhythm Diatribes Workshops to Europe. It was extremely educational for us to watch the learning process in three very diverse regions.

5-16-06 Got Strength? Buffing up for Bellydance by Aruna
Muscles are like smart-aleck teenagers. If you ask them to do something, they do just enough to get the job done—and no more.

5-15-06 Rhythmical Truths Rhythm and Reason Series, Article 11, by Mary Ellen Donald
In my books and in person, I make the point that there are two basic kinds of rhythmical variations – embellishments and fill-ins.

5-15-06 God Belly Danced, Part IV: The Rise of the Pagan Anti-Belly Dance League by DeAnna Putnam
Dancing girls, wherever they came from, at this time apparently were luxury import items and thus were subject to a 25 percent duty tax, equal to that of precious gems.



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