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Gilded Serpent presents...
Soltice Festival
Belly Dance in Spain

Event organized by Maria Cresswell of Tribal Girona
June 23-26, 2006
Part One- Workshops and Setting
Sanctuari Els Arcs, Girona, Spain
A medieval hostelry with a chapel,
set in the beautiful volcanic natural park of La Garrotxa
near the picturesque village of Santa Pau.

Photos by Lynette

As always, editor appreciates readers contributing any further names
for faces appearing in the below photos

An ancient setting...

Michel Harris!

Great food and communal lodging...

and Cristiane cook a colorful lunch

Doorway to dorm full of bunk beds

Interesting classes...

Dimitri Dupont of Nancy, France, teaches a drum class outdoors.


Organizer Maria participates.

Lena's Russian Gypsy dance class,
The event was sponsored by the cosmetic company, Alqvimia. Their posters are visable in the background.

Marius Griffin,
an American living in Cork, Ireland,
teaches a tribal class.

The mudras class was taught by Gauri from Germany.

a caring organizer...

Maria talks with the ladies from Mallorca
about that night's show

(left) communes with Monica, a helper.

Good friends...

Sushila, Silvia and Gemma (the last two from the Dakinis Dance Company)

Myriam Szabo, Lesya Starr, Maria and Monica (l-r)

herbal relaxation
Ian , Lesya Starr, and James

Anna Belver
talks with a friend
in the courtyard below
What else could you want? How about a massage and a secluded swimming hole!

massage under the trees

cool off after class at a nearby swimming hole

The site is surrounded by ancient volcanic mountains.
to be continued...



More information on joining Maria and friends next year will be here soon.

Coming soon-
page 2- photos from the evening celebration

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