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The Gilded Serpent presents...
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Comic by Alexandria

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8-2-04 A Whole Latte' Shaking Going On, Belly Dance Comics tm by Alexandria
"Ok, I think we can stop now!"

6-24-04 Saving Grace, Belly Dance Comicstm by Alexandria
"Could I sit here for a few moments?"

10-27-05 Gilded Serpent Awards for Self Promotion!
Get your own Gilded Serpent award in any field you choose!

1-25-05 Intruder, BEWARE! comic by Lynette
"How dare they pollute our pond!"

12-8-06 It Wasn’t About the Trophy: The North Valley Belly Dance Competition in Oroville, Ca. 2006 by Salima
I have done many things in my life and by forcing myself to have other performers judge my performance, I have motivated myself to step up to the plate and accomplish what I had set in my mind to do.

12-5-06 The Ethics of Fusion by Naajidah
If the culture that you’re borrowing your moves from objects to your fusion, does it matter? Are you being respectful or exploitative if you borrow steps from a culture that doesn’t want their music and dance used that way?

11-2-06 The Constant Grind by Margo Abdo O'Dell
Today, the bitter truth is that the curvaceous and fleshy female figure is constantly disrespected by the media and pop culture.

10-29-06 Opening a Bellydance Studio, Tips for Success by Keti Sharif
She has recently retired fully from bellydancing but offers great advice on business plans for dancers wishing to expand their hobby into a career.

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