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Gilded Serpent presents...
The Photos of
Susie Poulelis
Sunday March 18, 2007
, Rakkasah Festival, Richmond, Ca


Saqra of Washington
Willow of Hawaii

Suhaila and Family of Berkeley, CA

Elias Lammam on Accordian and Nazir Latouf on Oud

Tiffany Bisconer, Suhaila and Kendra Katz

unknown at left on tar, Elias Khoury on Dumbek, ? on trap drums
more names-thanks Leyla and Nisima!

Isabelle shines at 9! (? on tabl balady)
Naheda of Germany
Monica of San Francisco
Leila Haddad of Paris, France
Fahteim of Hacienda Heights, CA

Dancer of the Desert of Novato, CA

Jim Boz of San Diego, CA

Alexandria and the Near East Dance Company
Including: Beirute, Alyson, Latifa, Monifa, Heather, Kathy

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Ready for more?
6-12-06 Belly Dancer of the Year 2006 Photos by Susie Poulelis
Danville, Ca, Sunday May 28, 2006 BD of the Year - Finals, more photos coming!

6-2-06 Tribal Fest 2006, May 19 in Sebastopol photos by Susie Poulelis
Performances from Saturday late afternoon including: BlackSheep, Sashi, InFusion...

6-19-04 San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival Photo Teaser June 12-27 2004 Palace of Fine Arts photos by Susie Poulelis. Taken last night, you can still see this show tonight and tomorrow and see more next weekend!

3-18-07 Circle Dance by Melina of Daughters of Rhea
The circle is a perfect, democratic & unending shape, the shape of an energized community, the shape of this lovely round planet.

3-16-07 In Tribute: Rhonda/Baseema of Troupe Ooh La La by Shabnam
There were times she could barely walk due to a flare up of Lupus, but she always came to rehearsal and gave a 110%--despite the pain or trouble, she was going through that day. Rhonda soon became the troupe mascot because of her courage and commitment. "If Rhonda can do it, you can do it!" became our motto. She was a great source of inspiration and motivation for all members of Ooh La La.

3-14-07 Morgana's Animal Magnetism, Interview with Morgana of Madrid by Surreyya
After seeing Morgana’s Serpent Dance, where she embodies the personality of the serpent, I was hooked. Any snake lovers or snake dancers will have a special appreciation for this piece.



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