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Yasmina talks with the audience
photo by Sussie
Gilded Serpent presents...
Report on the First International Bellydance Conference of Canada, Part Two
Performances: Saturday Gala Performance
April 21, 2007 in Toronto, Ontario
Ryerson Theatre
Introduced by Diane Adams
Photos by Denise Marino and Sussi Dorrell

The excitement building up to Saturday’s featured artists performances was palpable as a sell-out crowd of over 900 wound several blocks around the theatre waiting to and admittance. True to form, in keeping with a professionally run show, lines moved quickly and smoothly as people were admitted and took their seats, and the show started on time.

The final featured show of professional dance artists was more than anyone could ask for.  Standouts were performances by Rhama Haddad, whose floorwork and flutters drew gasps from the audience; elegant Raks Sharki performances by Martine Werotte, Sahra Saeeda and Angelika Nemeth, and a Tunisian inspired dance accompanied by two drummers by Tamalyn Dallal.  Top hits of the evening were Yasmina Ramzy’s tremendous drum solo and an array of dances by the Arabesque Dance Company, which was accompanied by the Arabesque Orchestra and beautiful singer.  Yasmina and her dancers and musicians, have truly raised Middle Eastern dance to the highest art form. 

Although this reviewer is sad to see the direction Bellyqueen is going with their robotics-style modern/jazz-based choreographies that lack any resemblance to Middle Eastern dance, what they presented was technically challenging, and was appreciated by the crowd. Sashar Zarif Dance Theatre left the crowd begging for more of their fast footwork and Persian-inspired moves, followed by a riveting solo of Sashar’s.

What could one say about the heart-stopping performance of Amir Thaleb’s tango-inspired piece with spins and turns that rival the best ballet dancer on the scene today, and the excitement created by the best of Middle Eastern dancers all rolled into one.  The audience screamed with appreciation and gave him a standing ovation!

Egyptian star Randa Kamel followed him, and I seriously wondered what she could do to follow such a powerhouse.  But not to worry, Randa’s own power and stamina, combined with stellar technique and passion met the test in two phenomenal dances that clearly show why she is the top star on the today’s Egyptian dance scene. 

One could not say they didn’t get enough instruction or performances of the highest quality throughout this 4-day belly dance extravaganza.  Yasmina and crew proved they can turn out quality both in dance and convention orchestration.  A great big thanks and congratulations on this great undertaking, Yasmina!  We can’t wait for the next one!

Part 1- Lectures, Workshops, Panel Discussions- posted 5-18-07
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Bellyqueen of New York
photo by Denise

Martine Werotte of Quebec

photo by Sussie

Angelika Nemeth of California
photo by Denise

Troupe Sharkiss of Quebec
photo by Sussie

Rhama Haddad of British Columbia
photo by Denise

Yasmina Ramzy
photos by Denise, Sussie and Lynette

Arabesque Dance Company & Orchestra
photo by Denise

Tamlyn Dallal of Florida
('Remember that video of Aza Sherif and the drummers?)
photo by Sussie

Sashar Zarif Dance Theatre
photo by Sussie

Sahra Saeeda of California
photos by Denise and Sussie

Amir Thaleb of Argentina
photo by Denise

Randa Kamel of Egypt
photos by Denise

photo by Sussie

IBCC dates for next year- April 23-27, 2008

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