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Gilded Serpent presents...
Photos from Carnival of Stars 2007- A-Z
Page 1- A through K
Novemenber 10 & 11, 2007, produced by Alexandria and Latifa
Centennial Hall in Hayward, California
photos by
Carl Sermon, Duane Stevens,
John Kalb, Murat Bayhan, Christopher Erickson, and Lynette Harris

A photographer has to have talent and skill to capture the perfect moment. Especially now since all cameras have that split second of mechanical delay. A built in sense of the music and what the dancer will do is needed to be able to capture great photos. Support your community photographers: buy the photos they take of you, acknowledge them in your publicity, and thank them for attending festivals to take your picture!

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A is for Alexandria
oto by Carl

Alexandria's Ghawazee of Berkeley, CA
photo by Carl

Alnisa of Petaluma, CA
photo by Lynette

Amira of San Leandro, CA
photo by Lynette

Andrea of Oakland, CA
photo by Lynette
Angelika of Los Angeles
photo by Carl

Anisa of the East Bay
photo by Carl

Asata of the East Bay
photo by Lynette

Azura of ?
photo by Carl

Artemis of Pacific Grove
photo by Carl

Banat el Hogar of ?
photo by Carl

Badia of ?
photo by Carl

Black Sheep Bellydance of the North Bay, CA
photo by Lynette

Bodi Rock Culture perform Hip Hop & Reggae
photo by Carl

Christina Amar of ?
photo by Carl

Christal of Davis, CA
photo by Murat

Dahlena of Chicago and Arizona
photo by Carl

Dawn Davina of the South Bay, CA
photo by Lynette

Debbie (Lammam) Smith of San Francisco
photo by Lynette

Dhyanis of Marin County
photo by Carl

Dunia of SanLeandro, CA
photo by Lynette

El Ashab
photo by Carl

Gayle Wayne of the East Bay, CA
photo by Lynette
Ghanima of the South Bay
photo by Carl

Hassan Deeb of the South Bay
photo by Carl

Jacque of San Francisco
photo by Duane Stevens

Jim Austin of the East Bay
photo by Carl

Jim Boz of San Diego
photo by Duane Stevens

Jim Boz of San Diego
photo by Christopher Erickson

photo by Carl

photo by Lynette
Judy / Shara of San Francisco, CA
Page 2: L through Z ,
Casuals and the Costumes Contest

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Ready for more?
2006 photos

5-5-05 Initiating Dance Dialogue: Current Trends, The Panel Discussion at Carnivals of Stars Festival, transcribed from video by Andrea, Panel members included: Heather as moderator, Monica Berini, Shira, Barbara Bolan, Amina Goodyear, Debbie Lammam.

2-8-08 Amina's North Beach Memories, Chapter 7: Yousef –Black Lights and Veils by Amina Goodyear
It was kind of hard to compete with this kind of action when we kept our clothes on.

2-6-08 The Secret of Saiidi Song and Dance-Straight from the Horse’s Mouth by Keti Sharif
"Saiidi". Say this word anywhere in Egypt (including El Saiid) and colloquially it implies someone who is funny, backward - a loveable, gullible character with salt-of-the-earth village simplicity. To call someone “Saiidi”is a local term or endearment for a likeable buffoon!

2-5-08 My First Mid East Gig by Yasmina Ramzy
Once we landed in Amman, we were greeted on the tarmac by solid lines of soldiers on both sides leading to the doorway of the airport, machine guns pointed towards the passengers. I don't recall ever seeing even one Canadian soldier in the flesh and blood, let alone a gun, let alone so many big guns and pointed at me. I don't think I blinked during that endless walk. We were clearly not in Hawaii.

2-1-08 MECDA Breaks Its Silence by Rachel Lazarus Soto
Thomas agreed that this was a good idea, and Schill volunteered to do the paperwork, presumably on the behalf of MECDA.

1-31-08 A Vendor's View by Artemis
Promoters need to respect their vendors, not just for fees that they have given them, but because without the vendors lining the room, where is the color (other than on the stage), and where is the “bazaar”atmosphere of the event?

1-28-08 The Devil's Details, Show Ethics for Professionals Part 5 - Beauty by Yasmin
For new dancers, mastering the art of glamour can be daunting. But take heart, while internal sensuality requires character work, external beauty is easier to fix

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