Dear MECDA member.

MECDA was formed as an all-volunteer organization to improve conditions and wages for the Bell}' Dancer. Instead it had declined into a seriously problematic association and financial disaster.

We desperately need new leadership in our organization! We hope to appeal to all members to take a stand. Please don't allow these current MECDA atrocities to happen in the future.

1) Shortages of $41,588 in financial statements with no explanation.

2) Paying IRS penalties and fines for careless and questionable "mistakes" in taxes.

  1. Bonus and wages totaling around $27,000 were paid last year. As a non-profit organization they say they can only keep $25,000 in bank aect. (not true) so they take monies left over and give it to themselves. They deny this, but records show otherwise.

4) Changes made for officer qualifications without informing members, until this year.

5) Compensation paid to unqualified board members.

  1. Refusal by MECDA board to hire and pay a "non-member" professional accountant. (which is seriously needed).
  1. When board members vote on a subject, then they do the unthinkable. By the next meeting the subject that was voted on they say is no longer valid.

8) Unequal treatment of members.

Perhaps you are wondering what's happening to your money? Have you questioned why your dues are so high? Do you wonder who these people are that are running the Central Board and if some of them are running MECDA for their own personal financial gains?

Many members do ask these questions and are ready to inquire why the board is not giving the membership a detailed annual financial statement. What are they hiding?

After 27 years of keeping financial statements concealed from the membership and after a lot of pressure from members, the board finally posted a financial statement which is suspiciously and embarrassingly short of critical details. What are they covering up?

We concerned members would like to return the original spirit and purpose that was intended at the beginning of the organization. If you agree and don't want to see MECDA deteriorate anymore than it has. please help us.

It is t/lis simple. Wilen election time arrives and you receive your ballot, send it with the enclosed MECDA addressed envelope and a note giving us your proxy to vote for you. An addressed envelope is provided.

Thank you,

Committee of Concerned MECDA Members

Feiruz Aram - One of tile founding mothers of MECDA 0 Doyne Allen - One of the original members Tamara Fletcher-Springfield - A member 0 Shannon Griffiths, "Shahira" - A member Anniitra Ravenmoon - A member 0 Harry Saroyan - A lifetime member

Attachment to attachment #(2)

The information for the eight items listed in the Concerned Members letter was obtained from attending the board meeting. All information was given or spoken from the board members.

1. Janet Thomas gave me the papers mentioned in attachment #3. I had asked for a financial statement, as we had asked Marta Schill for years and never received one. I was given the form 199 that was signed by Helen Kelso. We took this to be the true numbers. Also included was a Revenue and Expense statement, Financial year 5/1/05-4/30/06, taken from the treasurers records. The figure of$120,255.00 on form 199, but only $79.671.00 on the financial statement. A difference of $40,584.00.

2. They were penalized for foolish mistakes on a past IRS statement.

3. I was told by Marta Schill( but later she denied it) that after the large fund rasing event of Cairo Carnival, they would pay all of the bills, and budget what they would need for the following year and then take the rest of the funds and give it to themselves as a bonus. She still . denies this, but she had said they can only keep $25,000.00 in the bank as a non profit organization.(1 assume this was the amount ofthe budget), but this is not true. MECDA can accumulate as much as they want, as long as it is spent on the business of ME CD A. So you merely have to look at the financial records and it will prove this statement.

4. Payments for an office term started while Marta was president. The membership was never informed, which if certain qualified people knew this, they might run for office. The fact of bonus paying was never made public, until we brought it forward.

An example of committee payment. The person in charge of the vendors, only work from Feb. to June, but they are payed for 12 months.

Another change Marta made was, always before you had to hold the position on the

central Board, of vice pre., sec. or treasurer, or a combination of the three for a period of two years before being qualified to hold the position of president.. This way you would understand the operations ofMECDA. When Janet Thomas was elected, we questioned this move as Janet had never held any of the offices. Marta's reply was" oh we changed that." We asked to see a copy of the minutes when this took place, still haven't seen it.

Another conflict of interest is that Janet and her husband's printing company was give the contract to do all printing for MECDA, it was not put out for bids. In any organization this would be a conflict of interest.

5. Speaking of this vendor rep. There were nothing but complaints about him, After mailing in your application and check, you never received a confirmation, vendors would arrive, not knowing if they had tables or not, and half of the time no one knew where their table were located. This person was given this position for three years, He was paid $1,200.00 for the year

and then given a bonus of$1,800.00 .. There have been complaints about other committee heads, but nothing is ever done, and they still get their bonus.

6) We suggested and even gave them an accountant to talk to, MECDA would supply him with the receipts and bills and they would have a monthly statement for the treasurer, and at a lower price than what they were paying the elected treasurer, which was mistreated so badly she quit after several months ..

7. There would be votes taken by the board on various subjects, but a week later Janet and Marta usually did what they wanted to do. When the minutes were printed, things they d id not like were left out, you could never get a true account of the meetings.

8. I have stated this in my article about how, if you were not agreeing to everything they wanted, you were on the s--- list.