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Gilded Serpent presents...
Dina: April 2008
Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel, Cairo

photos by Catherine Barros


This was a typical show for Dina at the nightclub in the Semiramis Intercontinental and very similiar to the show that I saw her do four years ago. There are always some warmup acts: the "international" singers and an Arabic pop/standards singer. Then Dina comes on with a bang and dances her way through 4 costume changes. She has multiple singers in her show and she always does the set with the Nubian singer. I was lucky to have a seat at the table next to the stage so I could take good photos. It was a late night as usual as we didn't even go out until midnight to have dinner and watch Dina at around 3am . . . but who was watching the time . . . It is CAIRO!

Originally, I planned to go to Cairo for the Nile Group Festival. When I heard that Fifi was going to be in Dallas, my hometown, the last weekend of the festival, I shifted my Cairo trip to be a bit earlier. After checking around I decided to join up with Kay Taylor's small tour group, which is likened to an "assault" on Cairo. . All the participants were dancers from the United Kingdom and we had a furious 5 days of touristing, shows, costuming, shopping and eating. I was in Cairo for 2 weeks during which I mostly did a bunch of dance related stuff, some tourist stuff and also visiting with friends that live in Cairo.

Semiramis is a big hotel on the Nile (Corniche el Nil) not far from Downtown and Garden City, across from Zamalek. Zamalek is a district on an island surrounded by the Nile. I did go to the Nile Group Festival where I attended the opening gala and took 4 classes. This photo spread is just on Dina but I may just write about my trip with Kay soon!


The Semiramis Hotel.
Photo taken from across the Nile from the Times Tower

Kay's group at Semiramis
Pam is the first one on the left . . . of course I forgot the others names!

This is the band that started the evening playing international hits.

This guy came out and sang Arabic standards

This is Dina's band. Does anyone recognise any faces?

Author with Dina and that Tannoura guy.

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