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Gilded Serpent presents...
Tribal Fest 2008
Saturday May,17 2008,
Sebastolpol Community Center
Sebastopol, CA

Event Produced by BlackSheep BellyDance
photos and video by Lynette

As always, help with names and spellings is appreciated

1 RockRose
2 Hahbi'Ru
3 Natium
4 Unmata
5 Tempest
6 Raks Hakohaveem

7 Jane Archer with Mandala
8 Romka
9 Sabrina
10 Titanya
11 Clandestine
12 Scallywags
Vendors Casuals

Tribal Fest Video Collage

RockRose Tribal BellyDance
from Point Arena California

of San Franciscoof
Paula's smile !

from Arizona

Amy Sigil's Unmata
of Sacramento

now of New Jersey, see her video clip here

Raks Hakohaveem

Jane Archer with Mandala

of Washington DC

does "CyberGoth-BD fusion" from California?

of Colorado does Zambra Mora

of California?

The Sexy Scallywags, featuring Samantha Riggs
of Arizona


Desert Dancer Imports

Coco Loco

Geisha Moth

Judith's head


Sashi shops at Melodia

A Taureg jewelry shop

A leather shop


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Ready for more?
4-21-08 Strained Relations Comic by Pepper Alexandria
Hi! Remember me? I'm your long lost cousin!

11-29-07 Tribal: Fusion, Bedouin, What's the Difference? 4 DVDs reviewed and compared by Rebecca Firestone
When I see a dancer I really like, I want to *be* her, or him, right at that moment. My heart leaps at the music and then leaps again when I see what they're doing. With this one, I was interested, but not that engaged.

11-7-07 Review of “Tribal Beats for the Urban Streets”by Roz
Most songs had hardly any trace of Arabic music influence. Tribal Beats for the Urban Streets contains pop club music that is taking a risk when delving into the realm of the belly dance world. Will the electronic music on this CD still be the trend in ten years or will it be old news?

10-12-06The Soltice Festival, Belly Dance in Spain- Part 2, Photos by Lynette
held June 23-26, 2006. Part Two- The Evening Show, Event organized by Maria Cresswell of Tribal Girona at Sanctuari Els Arcs, Girona, Spain. A medieval hostelry with a chapel, set in the beautiful volcanic natural park of La Garrotxa near the picturesque village of Santa Pau.

10-11-06 The Soltice Festival, Belly Dance in Spain- Part 1, Photos by Lynette
held June 23-26, 2006. Part One- Workshops and Setting, Event organized by Maria Cresswell of Tribal Girona at Sanctuari Els Arcs, Girona, Spain. A medieval hostelry with a chapel, set in the beautiful volcanic natural park of La Garrotxa near the picturesque village of Santa Pau.

8-8-06 Spirit of the Tribes 2006 Photos by Juddy Lane, submitted by Maja, Event Sponsor, April 2006
A Belly dance festival specializing in "Tribal Fusion" including dance from culturals other than from the Middle East or North Africa.

6-9-06 Weird Rituals and Beyond: Exploring Current Controversies in Middle Eastern Dance by Barbara Grant
If you are like me, (I know that many are not) you first responded viscerally and negatively to both situations. Then, as the shock wore off, perhaps you tried to make sense of it all.

5-26-06 Sashi - Kabob by Lynette, Warning, possibly disturbing graphics!
The punctures appear to go under the skin into the subcutaneous fat layer and not through muscle tissue.

6-26-06 The Spirit of the Dance: A Response to the Criticism of my Tribal Fest 2006 “Pierced Wings”Performance by Sashi
I was originally hesitant to write this article regarding my Tribal Fest 2006 “Pierced Wings”performance as I personally believe that a performance should not have to be explained by the artist, rather it should rely on what it evokes in others.

6-2-06 Tribal Fest 2006, May 19 in Sebastopol photos by Susie Poulelis
Performances from Saturday late afternoon including: BlackSheep, Sashi, InFusion...

4-3-05 The London Belly Beat! by Alexandria
They have nothing against tribal or fusion styles and seem to enjoy all belly dance.

10-25-04 The First (and definately not the last!) Tribal Cafe! by Tempest
It was the first all tribal belly dance event sponsored by MECDA IE and took place on August 21st, 2004 in Montclair, California.

2-11-04 My Tribal Fusion Festival in Florida by Maja, the Girl from the Nile
If we have a dream, we should go for it….

7-18-03 The Sacred Surprise of Tribal Fest 3 by Shahana Cartahi
However, I now understand, in retrospect, that I had been really drawn to Tribal Fest 3 for another reason.

6-10-03 Tribal Fest 3 photos by Lynette
Event produced by Ellen Cruz and Kajira, held May 17 and 18, 2003, in Sebastopol, CA

1-17-07 Western Dancer's Guilt, a Response to Naajidah, by Miles Copeland
People have occasionally suggested Arabs would be “horrified”by the inclusion of the Tribal style in our show but I can tell you that this style is extremely popular with Middle Easterners who come to our show.

5-18-07 An Evening with The American Bellydance Superstars, Reviewed by Sierra
Marin Civic Auditorium, March 3, 2007. "Even though the dancing from Egyptian cabaret to tribal and venues in between is incredibly bold, excellent in stylizing and format…it truly is an American tableau of how we represent this art."

5-15-07 Thribal Throwdown Photos and Workshop Review for Heather Stants’“Appetite for Deconstruction: Urban Tribal Style”Review by Eleyda Photos by Brad
March 17, 2007 Live Oak Center in Berkeley. Heather’s task was to transmit that fusion thought in the workshop. She did an excellent job.

2-27-04 Review of Americanistan CD “Mosaic” by Yasmela
This CD will certainly be a welcome addition to a Tribal dancer’s music library.

12-22-03 “Itneen- Tribal Dance, Tribal Drums”by Helm Review by Yasmine, Sirens In Sanity
Drumming like this is a gift.

10-15-01 CD review -Fil Waha by Helm, reviewed by Yasmela
From raucous funky tribal tunes to lovely complex rhythms from southern Persia, ...

10-27-00 Tribal Tales review by Kajira Djoumahna
The moods and flavors of the varied songs on this CD are sure to be useful for dancers and listeners who like something out of the ordinary to challenge and delight.

5-21-03 Tribal Bible Reviewed by Shelley Muzzy/Yasmela
And I suppose to some dancers, it is a way of life. There is repeated emphasis placed on the concepts of bonding, healing, empowering, and connecting throughout the book. From the sound of it, American women are desperate to connect, to be part of a tribe, to belong.

9-18-00 Tribal Style Made Easy by Jay Bangle
Book review of "Turban to Toe Ring", by Dawn Devine Brown and Barry Brown

6-13-07 Le Serpent Rouge Reviewed by Yasmela
The blending of theater and dance was really outstanding with broad comedy moving seamlessly into dance.

3-9-07 The Flame and Shadow Performance Review by Princess Farhana
To this observer, the production seemed like an important breakthrough in oriental style Dance Theater.


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