29th Annual
Belly Dancer of the Year Pageant
Troupes, Duets and Grand Dancers
sponsored by Belly Dance! of Walnut Creek, CA
Saturday, May 26, Benicia High School, Benicia, CA

Photos by Gilded Serpent Staff

Gilded Serpent reporters documented all participants in the Sunday night pageant. However, due to our scheduling conflicts, reporters could not arrive until Duende was dancing. If your group appeared earlier and would like to submit a different photo than we have used here showing your group performing, Gilded Serpent would welcome your photos! We will post the new photo in the place of the one we have posted here. Have your group leader send us the name of each group member so that proper credits may be listed. We hope you enjoy our presentation!

Winners of this contest are listed here

Sisters of the Dance

Laysa & Alia


Sirens Rising
Saiedeh, Yasmine, Ayana, Amira, Chenoa, Dejah, Soraya,
Nareesh, Nyla, Ostara, Salina, Shadiyah, Thalia, Tristanne, Zahira,


Amira-daughter and mom-
Sitara (Cathy Larripa)


Soul of the East
director- Tilana


Shifting Sands
Sitara, Bahijah, Maajida, Fariba, Theone, Hadarah

Dhyanis & Carolena


Shalimar Dance Co

Aneena & Kameena




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7-9-02 29th Annual Belly Dancer of the Year Pageant sponsored by Belly Dance! of Walnut Creek, CA (Soloists}
Saturday, May 26 Benicia High School, Benicia, CA by GS Staff
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