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The Gilded Serpent presents...
An Evening to Remember

by Havilah
photography by David Hernandez

This past November, 2002, I was lucky enough to participate in the 10th Annual "One Enchanted Evening" in San Diego, hosted by Marula.  This show was a wonderful display of Middle Eastern dance creativity.  "One Enchanted Evening" encourages belly dancers to create dance pieces that "go beyond the belly dance stereotype". This year's program included dances that were playful, some that were heartbreaking, but all were outstanding! 

Here are just a few of the Highlights--

Linda Kitiara
Her gypsy style dance called "Traveler's Treasury" was really free-spirited and fun, with swirling skirts and veils, and a whole lot of energy.  She gave an excellent performance.

Marula's troupe Nejume (including me) was the first to perform after the intermission.  Our piece, choreographed by Marula, was the tragic story of "Daw di Hiya", a woman who is sentenced to die, ultimately for love.  I was very happy to be in this piece, because it is very creative, complete with masked judges, Daw di Hiya's grieving sisters, and our own fabulous flutist!


An incomparable duet closed the show.  Marula's wonderful cabaret-style dancing combined with John Bilizikjian's fabulous oud playing, sent magical sparks into every corner of the auditorium!

She is always a great performer who does something really different and creative, like becoming Marilyn Monroe last year.  This year was no exception, and her flamenco "Andalusian Fusion" dance was spectacular!


After that, the audience saw a mysterious figure shrouded in a veil on the floor.  She came to life, and was unveiled as Meleah.  Her piece "Touch" was many performers can captivate an entire audience without ever getting up off the floor?


"One Enchanted Evening" is not just a show.  It's a whole experience of dance creativity and artistry that is unique and special, and

it shows us the kind of beauty that happens when you go beyond set boundaries and allow yourself to be free.

I thank Marula for allowing us all to come together for this wonderful experience.  It was most definitely an evening to remember.

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