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The Gilded Serpent presents...
Photos from
"Rockin' the Casbah"

Photography by Keith Weng, Kathrine Tessier.
Text and additional photos provided by Suzy Evan of IAMED

This event was produced by The International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance, and held at the Performing Arts Center at California State University, Northridge, California, on September 28, 2002.

Please click on photos below for a larger view.


Desert Orchid Dance Company led by Zahirah
from Salt Lake City






Flowers of the Desert

Angelika's Dance Ensemble
Persian Bandari dance



Dalia Carella
performed 2 numbers, gypsy and oriental

Video of performance now available at
the photographers -
Keith Weng
Katherine Tessier

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1-1-03! “My Adventures in the Big Apple”by Nisima
So there was really a “mystique”in the 1980’s about dancing styles in other parts of the US, and especially about the New York style, so different from what we were used to in the Bay Area.

12-29-02 Dance/Poetry Festival, Reported by Kalifa
The Dance/Poetry Festival was a blend of different kinds of dance, but Middle Eastern was in the vanguard of many of the performances.

12-20-02 “Kayla, the Beach Girl, Tree Dweller”, Kalbak Beach by Kayla Summers
...picture yourself on a guru orange air mattress, ever so gently floating atop a crystal clear turquoise ocean ...

12-14-02 Welcome, Dance Students by Layla Katrina
If you don’t feel the music and the dance, and don’t have a love for it that is a connection in your heart and your soul, you will have a much harder time learning this love than learning technique.

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