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The Artwork of
Ginger Royal

Included here along with her art are excerpts from an article by Lucinda Pool about Ginger's recent show of her paintings, from interviews and from Ginger's biography and artist statement.

The artist's reception was held on Friday, March 14th, 2003. The show, entitled ‘three left’, ran from March 8th through April 5th, 2003 at Gallery ‘Iolani, Kane’ohe, Oahu, Hawaii. Ginger is a BFA graduate of the University of Hawaii and currently lives on Oahu.


Danse Voluptueuse
acrylic, paper, ink


"I was impressed by her attention to the history and origins of the dance, the fact that she is a dancer and that the traditional progression of the dance from ‘mother to daughter’ was also evident in her work. Her daughter, Cameo, is the subject of several of her pieces."

Cifte Telli
charcoal, conte, gesso

Danse Du Ventre
conte, charcoal

  "In Beledi, (belly dancing), I explore a theme that resonates with the excitement, mystery, mood and uniqueness of the spirit of this dance. I primarily focus on motion and the continual transitional feel within the dance, --the memory of what went before, the anticipation of what is to come next through its resounding energy."

acrylic, paper, ink, fabric

acrylic, gesso, sand
"I want the viewer to get caught up in it, to hear the music, to anticipate. My work is guided by my desire to represent and translate. It is not merely extracted articulations of the dance but represents the vibrancy of ‘the dance’ in each extraction.

charcoal, conte

charcoal, conte

"Not just the grace and agility, but the total engagement of the dancer is a gauge of her skill, ultimately inspiring exuberance and passion in others."

acrylic, paper, ink, fabric

Raks Al Assaya
charcoal, conte

"As in the dance itself, I have found that painting the dance is about the process and the experience, not the result. So, I depict the movement, the motion, and the emotion behind it. The internal rapture expands wide enough demanding that the body be another language to fully express it. Dance is not static. The sequence of time should fold in on itself and leave behind the emotion of the dancer through the physical imprint."

The Gallery ‘Iolani, Kane’ohe, Oahu, Hawaii.
For more informations see Ginger's website at

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