John Compton, Zafir, Gypsy Caravan, Fat Chance
Spirit 2001

Jill's Class- spirit 2003

Jill Parker and Malia
The Gilded Serpent presents...
My Tribal Fusion Festival in Florida
by Maja, the Girl from the Nile

The Spirit of the Tribes is the largest Tribal Fusion Belly Dance gathering on the East Coast. Here in southern Florida, dancers and musicians from the Northeast to the Southeast gather to share their art, market their troupes, and learn new and different dance styles, combinations, and formations. The gathering attracts tribal belly dancers that range from beginning to advanced levels.

Cabaret and other style dancers also come to expand their horizons and benefit by learning tribal fusion formations and moves that they can adapt to their personal style of dance.

The stage - spirit 2003

Spirit 2002

Awalim, Zafira, Gypsy Caravan, Jill Parker
Spirit 2002
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The Spirit of the Tribes offers dancers a chance to connect with other tribal sisters, make new friends, and partake of the wonderful energy, talent, and magic of this celebration. Myriad costumes of various styles grace the gathering and inspire many to shop like crazy at more than 20 vendor booths. The celebration is a tribute to all Tribal Fusion, Gypsy Tribal, Romani, American Tribal, Folklore Village, World Tribal, Neo-Tribal, and Ethnic fusion dancers from near and far.

I had the insight to promote the first Tribal Fusion gathering in the country after introducing this dance style in Florida five years ago. Since that time, I have witnessed how much the Tribal Fusion Belly Dance community has grown on the East Coast. Many new troupes have formed and expanded, and some have even acquired their own musicians. My hope is that the tribal community will continue to grow, gain recognition, and connect with other tribal sisters across the country.

If we have a dream, we should go for it..
I am a dreamer and I want all my dancers to dream DANCE with me.
I meet outstanding dancers in my journeys, and I have the desire to share their talents with the entire dance community and with our supporters here in South Florida.
I dare, I challenge, I risk . . .
The spark of fire moves me. The magic happens and doors open.

I am very proud and honored to have sponsored a variety of dancers in South Florida:  Delilah, Elena Lentini, Laurel Gray, Eva, Atesh, Fatima el Wahid, Taaj, Zhor, Azur Aja, Youkta, Zafira, Awalim, Khafif, Gypsy Caravan, Fat Chance, Jill Parker, Dalia, Neha Shah.

It is easier to promote festivals and gatherings on the West Coast, because the Tribal movement began with Carolena Nericcio of San Francisco, and most of the Tribal Dancers are there. The big challenge is to bring them here . . . to fly the teachers in and move them from the West to the East.

Another challenge I face . . . Miami's peak season is in March, so sites and hotels are more expensive and harder to find. We have tried various sites, such as gymnasiums and school auditoriums. Last year we used the Magical Rodeo, with a dirt floor. This year we were fortunate to get the sophisticated and stunning Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

I put this event together by myself. The road is lonely, but once it begins, my beautiful students and dancers of the Gypsy Tribe give me some help.

The fever that drives me, the determination to make it happen, and the will to present our dance with new styles and possibilities makes the long hours of organization and work my passion.
I relish the stunning feedback from dancers who attend the workshops, and from the pleasure I see in their eyes. They want me to bring the event again. We have so many talented performers and teachers on the East Coast and in neighboring states:  Zafira, Awalim, Kafif, Megha, Kassar, Onca, Narah bint Durr, Sinduvalli, Rakadu, In Your Dreams(NE), Blue Moon (NC), Riel (FL). I make every attempt to bring teachers from both the West and East Coasts. Some of our area troupes have started teaching and performing in my festival, and now are teaching in other festivals and workshops around the country. This is the Magic of the Spirit of the Tribes.

Tribal style dance is changing and evolving. The new generation of Tribal style dancers is completely committed.

Talent, diversity and creativity have exploded, as many of these dancers research world dance and costuming, thereby, creating the most dynamic, refreshing, and innovative formations and movements. The magical, theatrical metamorphosis of our dance and costuming has generated a rebirth of this art form.

In my dance, I travel through and merge with different styles.
I am always searching for the infinite possibilities that can help us grow.
I love to see the Tribal dancers perform, invent, create, and play together.
I am awestruck by the dancers' artistry and the intrinsic formations they create.
I am deeply involved in watching this process unfold.
I want to share this experience.

Maja & the Gypsy Tribe
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This year I am bringing a cast of phenomenal artists who perform different styles of Tribal. Included is the trio from Jamila Salimour's original Bal Anat tribal troupe:  John Compton, Yasmela and Rossah. They will share their artistry and perform together in remembrance of their former years. In addition to these founders of Tribal Style Dance will be a younger generation of Tribal Dancers:  Urban Tribal (awarded Best Troupe of the Year for the 2nd time at Spirit of the Tribes), Domba (AZ), Kassar (NJ), Rachel Brice (CA), Neo-Tribal with The Circle Dance Co. (OR), Fire with Luna, Zambra Mora with amazing Brianna (Fl), Daveed Korup from the TURKU musicians (who is giving us the magic of Drums). We will have two performances, a Drum Circle at the Beach, an open night at the Opa Greek Taverna, and a cast of amazing vendors.

See you all in Miami!
Call Maja at 954 929 7155 or email   To check schedule information, sites, maps, hotels, go to


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