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Please join us as we travel back in time to the North Beach district of San Francisco between the years 1957 through 1985.   We'll read about a vibrant period of Middle Eastern Dance and Music Performance as presented in our interviews with musicians, dancers, and club owners who created this exciting history.

Just follow the hyperlinks to re-live the past.  We are beginning our presentation with the people themselves.  However, you can also navigate the stories through a chronology of events, as well as a listing of the clubs which provided a backdrop for this history.  You'll also find hyperlinked connections between the interviews.  

We encourage you to wander through our pages as you might wander through the streets of North Beach.  Also, time continues to bring us gifts of memories and stories, so check back frequently to see what has been added or changed.  If you would like to be alerted with an e-mail about changes, please write to

Memory is a lens through which we view the past.  Everyone's memory presents a slightly different picture of the past, and we hope that you will enjoy the kaleidoscope which results from the various interviews which sometimes coalesce, sometimes collide.

We know that there are inconsistencies of facts between interviews, but we have left these for you, the reader, to reconcile.  Hopefully, you will savor the different perpectives of the artists' and dancers' recollections, as the tantalizing spices of a favorite dish. 

If you have a perspective or a story to add to our North Beach Memories, please help us by sending contributions of your photos or stories. 

As we've already said, remembering of times gone past is not an exact science. If you have corrections or amendments to the material you find on this site, please contact us.

Please send your feedback, stories and photos to



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