Gilded Serpent presents...

Mina’s 1001 Arabian Nights

Aladdin and the Lamp: Shoshanna and Ya Habibi Dance Company, Arcata, CA

Photos by Michael Baxter, Text by Mina, Producer

Sonoma State Univertsity Person Theater,
Rohnert Park, California
December 6, 2008

1001 Arabian Nights started with asking several of the community troupe directors and teachers I’ve known over the year if they would like to create a show with me. They all seemed very excited about the prospect of doing something "different" in the dance community. Borrowing Amy of Unmata‘s idea of a theme and story show, I took the stories of 1001 Arabian Night and picked several to fit the mood of each of the amazing talents that performed that weekend.

Having this wonderfully talented group of dancers together for this show was truly amazing and I’m very lucky to have them willing to play this with us. Another special thanks goes out to those people behind the scenes who kept things running for me. My stage mom Chantel Miller who kept me sane though the whole process. Dylan Parker who made our beautiful programs last minute when things went horridly wrong. Michael Baxter who did the photography for the event really helped out. Kevin Canning really helped out in filling in the gaps of things that needed to be done on the night of the show. Jason Hamon for being my sounding board for when things were getting nuts. Also, Chelsie Berdux and Erik Uriarte who helped take tickets and keep the front room running smoothly.

I look forward to making this a yearly event with different themes and great choreography. So be on the look out for another December event hosted by Mina and Dalloua Dance Company. 

Scheherazade and the King’s Harem: The story of how Scheherazade was chosen by the King to be his bride.
Portrayed by Mina andDalloua Dance Company of Santa Rosa CA, with special guests David Vetter from San Fransisco CA (The King), and Raine Mauss from Mountain View CA (Scheherazade).
They were joined on stage by Shoshanna and Ya Habibi Dance Company who helped Dalloua in forming the rest of the Harem.

group cane
Cinn D. Badd the Sailor: The adventures of Cinn D. Badd and the high seas.
Portrayed by Siwa of  Dancers of the Crescent Moon from Santa Cruz CA. 

siwa pirate
The African Tribe: One of the many stories of Cinn D. Badd the Sailor was her encounter
with the African Tribe and being welcomed
into the tribe as one of their own.
Portrayed by African Queen from San Lorenzo CA. 
nubian divas
The Tale of the First Eunuch: A tale of lost and forbidden love.
Portrayed by Folk Infusion of Sacramento CA.



The Crafty D’Jinn: The story of a D’Jinn who enjoys a little mischief.
Portrayed by Dunia from Hayward CA.

dunia dunia2
shoshanna group
Aladdin and the Lamp:
Shows how the sneaky Aladdin gains the lamp and the love of his life.
Portrayed by Shoshanna and Ya Habibi Dance Company, Arcata CA.
tent veil
Aladdin and the Lamp: Ya Habibi Dance Company, Arcata, CA
Dalila the Crafty:
The tale of the trickster Dalila and how she was able to fool those around her.
Portrayed by Yasmine and Zyphire of Sirens of Sanity from Benicia CA. 

The Tale of the Jealous Sisters: The story of three sisters who wanted to marry rich men,
and why it is not always a good thing to tell lies.
Portrayed by Tre Sorelle from Chico CA

The Dervishes: Sufi practitioners show devotion though the whirling motion of their bodies.
Portrayed by Aneena of Novato CA and Mychelle from Sacramento CA


The D’jinn and the Farmer: The story of how you should always be mindful of your surroundings.
Portrayed by TerriAnne and Jowehof Santa Rosa, CA. 
40 theives

Ali Baba and the 40 thieves: Shows how Ali Baba and his wife were able to trick the evil 40 thieves.
Portrayed by Deeta and Modern Gypsy of Redding CA.

Scheherazade and the King: David Vetter, San Fransisco CA and Raine Mauss, Mountain View, CA



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  1. Barbara Grant

    Apr 1, 2009 - 12:04:33

    Thanks for the article and particularly the photos. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to see this in person. To Mina or Michael (or others), do you have any information on how the non-dancing public perceived the event?

    Hope to catch you this year,

    Barbara Grant

  2. Judith

    Sep 12, 2011 - 10:09:22

    Brilliant idea to create a show this way, using this theme!

    Pity it is described as “The story of how Scheherazade was chosen by the King to be his bride”. In the original tales it is Scheherazade who chooses to be with the King; she has a plan to rid the country of this crazy killer of so many young women.

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