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Carl Captures Character

Rakkasah Festival East 2008
Saturday Dancers A-D

Photos by Carl Sermon

October 18, 2008,
Ukrainian Cultural Center, Somerset, New Jersey
posted May 31, 2009

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Caption corrections for each dancer appreciated.
Musicians in most photos are members of Pangia & Djinn:
Denise Mannion, Pat Olson, Carmine Guida, Melissa, Pete, Brad, more?


Abzahrah Amala Gameela

Abzahrah, Amala Gameela of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania,
here and below

Abzahrah Amala Gameela
Aladina of ?
Alchemy of Brooklyn, New York
Alexa of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Amalia of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Amira Shula
Amira Shula of Rockville, Marlyland,
here and below
Amira Shula
Aneena of Novato, California,
here and below


Angelique of

Anka Kusu Treannah Khatife

Anka Kusu, Treannah & Khatife of
Somerset, New Jersey

Anna of ?, here and below

[ed note- what’s the story
behind this show?]

Desert Jewel
Desert Jewel Dance Company of
Bear, Delaware, here and below x 2
Desert Jewels
Desert Jewels

Dondi, click for larger image

Dondi of
San Diego,California, here and below x 2


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