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Carl Captures Character

Rakkasah Festival East 2008

Sunday Dancers A-K

Photos by Carl Sermon

October 19, 2008,
Ukrainian Cultural Center, Somerset, New Jersey
posted July 7, 2009

Caption corrections for each dancer AND musician appreciated.
Friday photos, Saturday photos A-D, E-K, L-Z, Sunday photos A-L- you are here!, M-Z- Coming!



Alhena Suhayla of Baltimore, MD

Alia Thabit

Alia Thabit of West Burk, VT

Amina Salah

Amina Salah of ?


Avivah of Bethlehan, PA

Barval Ta Pani

Barval Ta Pani of Syracuse, NY, here and below


Basema and Gelsonmina

Basema and Gelsonmina of Baltimore, MD


Calixta of East Rockaway, NY

Dena and Shazadi Dancers

Dena and the Shazadi Dancers of Pompton Lakes, NJ


Dhyanis of Novato, CA


Erika of Princeton, NJ

Fringe Benefit

Fringe Benefit of Clinton, NJ, click pic for larger image

Habiba Ensemble

Habiba Dance Ensemble of Philadelphia, PA, Click for larger image


Hipnosis of Huntington Valley, PA

Indra Lazul

Indra Lazul of Silver Springs, MD

Insinous of Raptor

Insinous of Raptor of New Jersey


Jaida of New York City


Jana Scuderi of Denver, CO

Jim Boz

Jim Boz of San Diego, CA


Johonna Gamble of Roanoke, VA

June with Chandi and the Ishtar Daughters
June with Chandi and Ishtar Daughters of Ithaca, New York

June, Chandi, Ishtar Daughters


Kala of ?

Katarina Gala

Katarina Gala of Preston, VA


Kinnari of Little York, NJ

Layla and Veiled Visions

Layla and Veiled Visions of Howard Beach, NY

Leila Haddad

Leila Haddad of Paris, France

, Saturday photos A-D, E-K, L-Z,
Sunday photos A-L- you are here!, M-Z- Coming!


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  1. Anónima

    Aug 26, 2012 - 01:08:09

    Muy bonitas bailarinas, me encantan como bailan (TODAS)

  2. Brian Woznicki

    May 26, 2013 - 01:05:27

    These photos are beautiful. I hope to attend a future event.

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