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Michael’s Photos of the Award Winners
of the Belly Dancer of the Year 2009 Pageant

Maria wins Belly Dancer of the Year 2009

San Ramon High School, California, May 23 & 34, 2009,
Sponsored by Leea Aziz of Belly Dance! Studio in Walnut Creek

Photos by Michael Baxter
posted August 14, 2009

Some photos are linked to larger versions. Click on pic to see!
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Maria wins Belly Dancer of the Year 2009
Sedona – 1st Runner Up
Mia Sha’uri – 2nd Runner Up
Karolina – 3rd Runner Up
Namira – 4th Runner Up
Magidah – Congeniality
Raks A’Diva– 2009 Troupe of the Year
Raks A'Diva, click for larger photo
Modern Gypsy – 1st Runner Up
Modern Gypsy, click for larger photo
Troupe Dhyanis – 2nd Runner Up
Troupe Dhyanis, click for larger photo
Tiyanna – Congeniality
Tiyanna, Click for larger photo

Aiwa She Raqa – 2009 Trio of the Year

Aiwa She Raqa, click for larger photo

Aiwa She Raqa

Aiwa She Raqa, click for larger view

Seshata – 1st Runner Up
Seshata, click for larger photo
Fiji – 2009 Grand Dancer & Congeniality

Theresea Jade – 1st Runner Up
Theresea Jade, click for larger view
Taroob – 2nd Runner Up


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