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Carl’s Camera Captures Dancers from Z-A


Tatseena’s Fantasy Festival 2009

Introduction by Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan,
Photographs by Carl Sermon

November 8, 2009, San Ramon, CA.

Tatseena‘s 8th Annual Fantasy Festival was held at the beautiful Canyon View Dining Room.  A room with a gorgeous view of the Stone Valley Canyon – full of oaks and rolling green hills.  This festival was a festive day of good vibrations with dancers sharing their talents on the raised stage, and on the beautiful wood dance floor.  The day was replendent with beautiful dancing, beautiful costumes, and wonderful music – with the bands: Al Azifoon and Light Rain.  This is a favorite festival for dancers in the East Bay area.

This year’s workshop instructors were Amy Sigil and Crystal Silmi.  They danced with their troupes and the audience enjoyed spirited shows.  There were many different styles of dance and costuming, each with its own flavor and flair and all dancers "danced from the heart".  However, many dancers missed seeing some great shows because they arrived, danced, then left immediately without enjoying the show and the wonderful shared community of joy at Tatseena’s festival.




Help with additional names is always appreciated!
Wild Card
Wild Card Belly Dance Troupe of Santa Rosa? Zahara is at the top of page

Verbatim of Sacramento

Verbatim of Sacramento
Unmata of Sacramento
Unmata of Sacramento, Amy, Terry and Shelly

Troupe Dhyanis
Troupe Dhyanis of San Anselmo, Ca

Troupe Celene
Troupe Celene of ?
Trio Tears of Erzuli
Troupe Tears of Erzuli of ?
Surreyya Hada
Surreyya Hada of Pinole, Ca

Suhaila Dance Company
Suhaila Dance Company of El Cerrito

Siren in Sanity
Amber and Zyphire of Sirens In Sanity of Benicia & Magalia

Sharifa of Walnut Creek
Sharifa of Walnut Creek

Rasa and Doug
Rasa of San Rafael is enveloped by Doug Adamz of Light Rain in Novato, CA

Raelena and Angela
Raelena and Angela of ?f ?

Raelena and Angela

Qamar of ?


Nanna and Troupe Maya of Berkeley, CA

Naiya and Numair

Nu’mair and Naiya of Concord, CA


MIelle of ?

Ma*Shuqa of Los Gatos

Ma*Shuqa of Los Gatos, Ca

Marta of Spain

Marta of Spain

Malia's troupe dude

Malia New Moon Troupe

Malia’s New Moon Troupe
Kalia of ?

Jeanne of San Francisco
Jasmine of Coco County
Jasmine of Coco County

Hala Dance Company
Hala Dance Company

Good Vibrations
The ARMY of Good Vibrations

Snakey Vibrations

Fan Veil Vibrations

Goddess Force
Goddess Force of ?

Duet of Melody and Michelle
Duet of Melody and Michelle
Crystal's Raks Arabi
Crystal’s Raks Arabi
Anaar of ?


Amira Ariana of ?
Amazar of ?

Aizubra of ?

Ahava of Coco County


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  1. Erica D

    Feb 15, 2010 - 06:02:19

    Lovely photos. Just a quick note on the captions. In the UNMATA photo, the one in the middle is Kari, not Terry.

    Also, the dancer in the photo captioned “Kalia of ?” I believe she’s Kalila from Sacramento, Ca.

  2. Mielle

    Feb 17, 2010 - 08:02:11

    Mielle is from Danville, CA and Auckland, New Zealand

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