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Fesitval Photos, Page 2: D-J

Rakkasah East Festival 2009

Photographs by Carl Sermon

Event held in October 16,17,& 18, 2009, in Somerset, New Jersey
Posted March 26, 2010

Help with additional names of dancers, musicians and hometowns, are always apreciated!

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Dalia Carella Collective

Dalia Carella Collective of New York

Dalia Collective

Dalia Carella Collective

Dancers of the Rising Moon

Dancers of the Rising Moon of New York

Daniel Flowers

Daniel Flowers

Denise  of Shasta

Denise Mannion of Shasta, CA,

Dorothea and Rose Leah

Dorothea and Rose Leah

Egyptian Sun of MD

Egyptian Sun of Maryland

Elisheva of New York

Elisheva of New York

Fahtiem of Los Angeles

Fahtiem of Los Angeles

Fatima of Sacramento, CA

Fatima of Sacramento, CA

Femme Fatales

Femme Fatales of New Jersey

Gabi of New Jersey

Gabi of New Jersey

Groove Merchants of New Jersey

Groove Merchants of New Jersey

Groove Merchants

Habiba Dance Ensemble

Habiba Dance Ensemble of Pennsylvania

Hannah Nour

Hannah Nour of New York

Helena Zahra

Helena Zahra of Pennsylvania


Hypnotiq of Massachusetts


Jamilah Dance

Jamilah Bellydance

Jamila Dance

Jamilah Dance

Jenivina and Mystical Hips Tribe of New York

Jevina and Mystical Hips

June with Chandani Oriental Dance Troupe

June with Chandani Oriental Dance Troupe of New York



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  • Carl’s Photos from Rakkasah East Festival 2009, Page 1: A-C
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  • Carl’s Camera Captures Dancers from Z to A, Tatseena’s Fantasy Festival 2009,
    This festival was a festive day of good vibrations with dancers sharing their talents on the raised stage, and on the beautiful wood dance floor. The day was replendent with beautiful dancing, beautiful costumes, and wonderful music – with the bands: Al Azifoon and Light Rain. This is a favorite festival for dancers in the East Bay area.
  • Carl’s Camera Captures Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution
    Jillina Carlano’s Bellydance Evolution marked the beginning of an era in which bellydance moves beyond dance Oriental imported from Egypt and performed in clubs.
  • Bellydancer of the Universe Competition 2008,
    held in Long Beach, California, on February 18 & 19, 2008, produced by Tonya and Atlantis
  • Not Last Year’s Saiidi
    Recently, a belly dance community newsletter here in New Zealand ran an editorial in which the author remarked that the current generation of dancers still perform “traditional styles – Ghwazee, Khaleegy, Saiidi” but innovate with poi, fan veils and Isis wings in a sort of dance evolution that retains respect for the value of the old.
  • Serena Wilson (1933-2007) A Student of Ruth St Denis, Part 3: Serena’s Books
    Serena’s approach saw women as joyful, soft, and feminine. They were responsible for and in control of their sensuality and by extension their sexuality. The dancers were not encouraged to challenge men by their physical presence, but neither was their physical presence and personal desire controlled by men.
  • Creating Camp Negum
    The idea came to us as we laid on the beach at Ras Sidr, a resort town near Suez on the west coast of the Sinai Peninsula. It was one of those rare times when my husband, Safaa Farid, and I could slip away from work for two days. We were watching the wind surfers and listening to Om Kalthoum on the clubhouse speakers when the question just popped out.
  • Ask Yasmina #12: The Importance of Oum Kalthoum, Undercutting, and Kid Bellydancers
    When a client hiring a performer or a student looking for a teacher is at a point where they want quality, they know they have to pay a fair price.

  • What follows here are several humorous anecdotes. Some of them are about being a male in a female dominated field while some are merely about being a Bellydancer in the first place. My first rule concerning being weird ("weird" as evidenced by some reactions to my previous articles) is to have a good sense of humor!


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