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IBCC 2010

Thursday Night Main Stage Photos and Video Collage

photos by Samira, Video by GS Staff.
posted June 4, 2010

The Thursday Night Main Stage Performance of the International Bellydance Conference of Canada was held April 22, 2010 at the Hungarian Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Video report consists of a collage of clips caught of performances. IBCC is produced by Yasmina Ramzy and company.
Readers sending the names of individual troupe members to the editor is always appreciated.

Cairo a la Nar

Cairo a la Nar of Ontario, Canada

Dahab of Nevada, USA
Iona & Haifa

Iona & Haifa of Ontario, Canada


Laura Selenzi of Ontario, Canada
Ethereal Tribal

Ethereal Tribal of Quebec, Canada

Maha of Ontario, Canada

Amar of Quebec, Canada
Michelle Marinho

Michelle Marinho of Brazil

Sultanettes of Ontario, Canada
Denai's Dancers

Denai’s Dancers of Wisconsin, USA
Maki Natori

Maki Natori of British Columbia, Canada
Rosanna McGuire

Rosanna McGuire of Ontario, Canada

Flor Coelho of Portugal
Edmonton Bellydance Ensemble

Edmonton Bellydance Ensemble of Alberta, Canada,
, click photo for larger image


More IBCC photos and videos coming soon!


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  1. Dahab

    Jul 10, 2010 - 09:07:46

    Well, I am really sad you missed my performance, but in case you want to see it I just posted it on You Tube.
    Dahab IBCC Performance

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