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Part 3 of 2: More Performance Photos

The NY Theatrical Belly Dance Conference 2010

Photos by Sal Romano, Stacey and Clement Lespinasse, Brian Feister and Brian Lin
posted October 13, 2010

Our stage shows took place Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at Dance New Amsterdam, a beautiful studio and performance space just north of City Hall. Performers included featured soloists and troupes selected by a panel of teachers, as well as all of the conference teachers themselves. A diversity of styles and approaches were represented onstage, from traditional to fusion to fantasy. The shows were stage-managed by Sophia Ma and Kai-Ti Kao.

-Page 1 of this group of photos from the DNA shows appeared with Thalia’s review here,
More photos coming of the dinner shows, workshops, the shopping trip-

Alchemy by Brian L
The Alchemy Tribal Collective perform "Durga," inspired by the Hindu goddess Durga, an embodiment of creative feminine force.
From left: Sarah Johansson Locke, Irina Kom, Abby Harley, Janina Ferbinteanu, Megan Fitzgerald, and Sophia Ma.
photo by Brian Lin
Angelika Nemeth of Southern California performs "Smile at Your Fate" to the music of Tarkan.
Photo by Stacey and Clement Lespinasse
Alexia by Sal
Lisa Botalico and Kim Leary (Alexia) in "Felag Mengu," a piece about Moorish influence on Spanish culture.
Photo by Sal Romano.

Blanca by Brian L

Blanca performs "Conjurer of Tricks," about an abandoned child who becomes the victim of a magician.
photo by Brian L
Anasma in Love Letter
Anasma performs "The Love Letter."
Photo by Sal Romano.
Anasma and Ranya in Hip Hop Fusion
Ranya and Anasma perform hip hop/bellydance fusion in a spoof. They opened each DNA show with different "shtick."
Photo by Stacey and Clement Lespinasse.
Anasma by Brian L
Aszmara of New York City in "I Am Here," inspired by the resilience of the oppresed Rom people in Turkey.
photo by Brian Lin
Dalia Carella Dance Company
The Dalia Carella Dance Collective performs "Shakti," bringing the feeling of an Indian temple to the DNA stage.

From front: Alanah, Mariyah, Layla Isis, Diane Hutchinson, Gretchen Ludwig, Melissa Hall, Amantha May, Stephanie Vartanian, and Kaitlin Hines.
Photo by Sal Romano.
Dalia by Brian L
Dalia Carella of NYC performs "To Souren" to a taqsim by Souren Baronian.
photo by Brian Lin

Eugenia Hu from Boston performs 00101101…2, in which a battered and abused robot learns to express itself.
Photo by Stacey and Clement Lespinasse.
Groove Merchant

Groove Merchant Drum & Dance Ensemble from New Jersey perform "Barefoot Baile." Choreography by Alexia (Kim Leary) Bottom: Danielle Goldovitz, Marie Temple, Lisa Dragoset Middle: Donna Manalo, Naylon Larane, Suzanne Onesti, Back: Donna Sullivan, Kirsten Mascioli.
Photo by Brian Feister.
JeniViva giving great face in "Flapper Fatale."
Photo by Stacey and Clement Lespinasse.
Light Charmers
Andrea the Enchantress of Bioluminosity and Sparks in the Dark perform "Light Charmers." From left: Amantha, Andrea Anwar, and Tava.
Photo by Sal Romano.
Lotus Niraja
Lotus Niraja of Washington, DC performs "Splendor."
Photo by Stacey and Clement Lespinasse.
Nadia Group
Nadia Maria Michaels and Dancers perform "Tumbao," fusing elements of percussion, Indian, African,
Middle Eastern and modern dance. From left: Caron Eule, Erin Jennings, Nadia Maria Michaels, Faith Kimberling.

Photo by ?
NDC Never Sleeps
Makeda and Ameenah of the Niraja Dance Company take bellydance out on the town in "A City that Never Sleeps."
Photo by Stacey and Clement Lespinasse.
Puela Lunaris performs Zambra: La Niña de Fuego. The piece is inspired by Puela Lunaris childhood memories, growing up by the ruins of a Morisco castle in Spain.
Photo by Brian Feister.

Yael Becker and members of P.U.R.E. New York tell the story of a woman battling an eating disorder. From front: Yael Becker, Maria Vaz and Kaeshi Chai.
Photo by Brian Feister.
Ranya Mermaid
Ranya the Mermaid gets flirty on the "shell" phone in "Under the Sea." Also pictured: Flounder.
Photo by Sal Romano.
New York’s Samara dances to "Leyali Rouqash."
Photo by Sal Romano.
Tara from San Francisco in "Longing for Love," a dance about a woman who drives away her lover.
Photo by Sal Romano.
NOT the Jamal Twins
Not the Jamal Twins: Roula Said and Ranya Renee shoot ’em up in "Rhapsody on Death," to the music of Mohammed Abdel Waahab’s "Amar 14."
Photo by Clement and Stacey Lespinasse.
Thurs DNA duet
Yasmine and Sira in "Dionysian Mysteries," a piece exploring the duality of human nature and inspired by ancient Greek ritual.

Photo by Sal Romano.
NYC duo Uyum Dans perform "The Bats." From front: Elisheva and Kittarina.
Photo by Brian Lin.
Yael Becker
After emerging from a giant suitcase, Yael Becker (Israel) tells the story of her discovery of Oriental Dance.
Photo by Sal Romano.
Zahava of NYC.
Photo by Brian Lin.

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-More photos coming of the dinner shows, workshops, the shopping trip-

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