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Photos from the Floralia Festival 2010
Held April 29-May 2, 2010 in
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Photos, video interview, and text by Surreyya
photos are also by Nyla Crystal and Bob Lindbloom
posted November 11, 2010

Produced by gleaming ray of light Selena Kareena, the Floralia Festival is held annually in TorC, (Truth or Consequences) New Mexico, and features a wide spectrum of dance and dancers from throughout the southwest, South America, and beyond.  TorC is a little piece of southwestern history located betwixt a famous hot springs and Elephant Butte Reservoir. About 150 miles south of Albuquerque, and a famed stop on the old Butterfield Stagecoach line, TorC is rich with culture of southern New Mexico. Formerly called "Hot Springs", in 1950 TorC  named itself after the famous TV game show of the same moniker after the host announced the first broadcast of the year would be held from the first city to change it’s name to "Truth or Consequences." Host Ralph Edwards visited the town in May for the next 50 years. Surreyya Hada and Nyla Crystal traveled to teach workshops and perform at this wonderful festival in sunny New Mexico.

As stated by Seleena:

"Floralia , commemorates Flora, the (goddess of flowers). Flora is the patron of all women as we embody her qualities of beauty, and youthfulness (no matter what our chronological age!). Beauty is a manisfestation of “The Divine”. The blossoming flowers of spring remind us of the blossoming of our human potential on our long dark road to higher levels of consciousness."

Below are photos from this event. Please also watch the interview with Selena Kareena below, and take a moment to read the adjoining article about Nyla and Surreyya’s experience in the Land of Enchantment.

Latiffa Layali of Chihuahua, MexicoNyla Adani

Latiffa Layali of Chihuahua, Mexico and Nyla Adani

Susi and Renee
Suzie and Renee

Baraka and Zeidy

Ahlam Dance Company

Ahlam Dance Company

Katia Mariposa Azul

Katia and Mariposa Azul


Helena Vlahos

Donna Lindbloom of Wichita, KS and Helena Vlahos


Farasha of Las Vegas, NV

Farasha of Las Vegas, NV and Zakia

Troupe Rakkasat
Troupe Rakkasat al Dahab

Shazadi Cecilia Rinn of Boise, ID

Shazadi and Cecilia Rinn of Boise, ID

Mahsati Dance Troupe

Mashati Dance Troupe


Zahira and Azadeh

Tasha Banat
Tasha Banat

Leyla Najma of Albuquerque, NMMichelle Morrison

Leyla Najma of Albuquerque, NM and Michelle Morrison

Snake Charmer Bellydancer
Snake Charmer Belly dancer

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  • Personal Truths in Truth or Consequences New Mexico’s Floralia Festival 2010
    Many times a turn of events will bring us to another place to make a new beginning–a deep and sudden loss inspired my original journey to California, and two recent losses inspired my return back to the desert, opening wounds I nearly forgot existed. It was fortunate to have Floralia to attend; it served as a focus on something I enjoy with all my heart–dance.
  • 10-1-09 Gig Bag Check with Surreyya and Sultana, video on the CK
    What does a dancer need to carry in her gig bag? Surreyya has a very special friend she carries in hers! Sultana, a leopard spotted boa constrictor enjoys being displayed for us and having a dance with her partner. Footage was filmed at Carnival of Stars in November 2008.
  • 6-4-09 Michael’s Spring 2009 Photo Spread, photos and text by Michael Baxter
    Aazura, Adriana, Ahava, Alimah, Andrea, Claudia, Eve, Kashmir Isis, Katherina, Khalila, Maria, Meissoun, Michelle Joyce, Mychelle, Nadira, Nanna, Nicole, Sandra, Shoshanna, Summer, Surreyya, Crystal, Tabitha, Zaheea
  • 12-3-07 Bellyqueen vs. Barbary Coast: It’s an east coast west coast showdown! Gina Grandi puts on a show of astronomical proportions. Review and photos by Surreyya
    Comedic timing, clever costuming and an endless supply of mojo bring about the wonderment of the early settlers of the California gold rush, with a taste of burlesque, and a taunt of influences from around the globe.
  • 3-14-07 Morgana’s Animal Magnetism, Interview with Morgana of Madrid by Surreyya
    After seeing Morgana’s Serpent Dance, where she embodies the personality of the serpent, I was hooked. Any snake lovers or snake dancers will have a special appreciation for this piece
  • 11-10-10 The Dumb and the Restless: Fire! A Lighter Outlook on Belly Dance by Tasha Banat
    Yes, the audience was eating out of my hand when someone from the back of the room yelled “Hey lady! Your hair is on fire!”
  • 11-8-10 The Physiological Effects of Oriental Dance, Excerpt from Health and The Oriental Dance, Chapter 1, by Aziza of Hungary
    There was no information subject available like "the technique of Belly dancing". I had to construct it myself. It took a lot of research in regards to both its theoretical and its practical sides.
  • 11-7-10 Ergun Tamer on Saz, Musical Instrument Tour Video
    Ergun is one of the organizers of the Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp held in Mendocino, California, each year in August. Ergun plays many instruments. In this video he tells us about the Turkish saz. The saz has many names depending on the country, such as bazouk or bazouki. This instrument also comes in many sizes.
  • 11-3-10 An Intro to Tribal Fusion by Jasmine June
    Since Tribal Fusion Belly Dance is a relatively new dance form, it is especially important to treat the genre with a level of professionalism, or else one runs the risk of discrediting the work of dancers who have dedicated their lives to creating and elevating Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.
  • 10-27-10 Gigbag Check #22 with Cory Zamora!
    Cory talks with us after her performance at the Carnival of Stars Festival in Richmond, California, in August 2010. She shows us what she carries for her performance.Including an old style 2 piece cabaret belt, Egyptian style bra with no fringe and more. The performance clip includes beautiful floorwork done as only Cory Zamora can do!
  1. Anastasia

    Nov 18, 2010 - 09:11:18

    This article was very well presented.  Selena did an excellent job of explaining her vision behind Floralia.  She highlighted the dancers’ strengths.

  2. Selena Kareena

    Nov 18, 2010 - 09:11:39

    Thank You Surreyya. I am Greatly honored and So very Grateful to be a part of our Family of Belly Dance. Thank you Gilded Serpent for your GREAT Work in keeping us ALL connected via this magickal Web of light and love, love love…

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