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Part 4 : More Photos from the
New York Theatrical Belly Dance Conference 2010

Workshops, Garmet District Shopping Tour

Photos by Lena Helt, Smita Kadam, and Eric Troudt
posted November 21, 2010
previously posted parts to this serious
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part 4: Garmet District Shopping and Workshops- you are here!
part 5: The Dinner Shows- comings soon!

For the past three years, dancers Anasma and Ranya Renee have been developing the New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference. This July, the Conference evolved into a five-day event featuring instructors and speakers from across the United States, Canada, Spain, and Sweden, a full schedule of workshops, panel discussions, three curated programs at the Dance New Amsterdam (DNA) Theater, and less formal shows in local nightclubs featuring live music.

Offstage, we browsed the fabric-and-accessory mecca that is Manhattan’s garment district; embodied animals, clowns, and archetypes; learned to enhance our stage presence; shared experiences in panel discussions; and much more. Shopping tour photos by Lena Helt and Smita Kadam.
Workshop photos by Eric Troudt.

Please contact these photographers through Ranya if you want copies of these photos. Please do not copy any photos from this site. Thanks- Ed@GS

Shopping Tour
On your marks, get set, SHOP! Hospitality Coordinator Nabila Nazem and conference instructor Lotus Niraja took some of our out-of-town visitors on a bellydance-oriented shopping tour the day before the workshops began. Front: Yagna Chheda and Smita Kadam (India), Kristen Ross (Australia), Alisha Lee (Korea), Lena Helt (Sweden), Beatrice Nicholas (France), Janet Felton (New Jersey), Sarah Oxidine (Miami), Rita Pensa (Chicago), and Armineh Keshishian (Toronto). Rear: Nabila Nazem (NYC) and Lotus Niraja (Washington, DC).
Makeda, Jahzaal, and Lotus
Lotus Niraja with some of her company members: Makeda, Jahzaal, and Lotus, from Washington DC. Photo by Smita Kadam
Some of the many treasures to be found in Manhattan’s Garment District. Photo by Lena Helt.
Bellydance America
Kristen checks out the goods at Bellydance America in Midtown. Lena said "This is place was like a candy store for us all." Photo by Lena Helt.
Public Transpo
Nabila and the shoppers on the New York subway. From left: Rita Pensa (Chicago), Nabila Nazem (NYC), Yagna Chheda (Mumbai, India), Armineh Keshishian (Toronto, Canada), Alisha Lee (Seoul, Korea), Lena Helt (Stockholm, Sweden), Sarah Oxidine (Maimi), Béatrice Nicholas (Bordeaux, France) and Kristen Ross (Melbourne, Australia).
Fan street dance
Tour guide/ hostess-with-the-mostest Nabila Nazem strikes a pose on the streets of Midtown Manhattan while guidees look on. Photo by Smita Kadam.
Lunch after five hours of shopping
Lunch after five hours of shopping. From back left: Rita Pensa (Chicago), Yagna Chheda and Smita Kadam (Mumbai, India), Béatrice Nicholas (France), Armineh Keshishian (Toronto, Candada), Kristen Ross (Melbourne, Australia). At far right: Nabila Nazem (NYC) facing camera and Lotus Niraja (Washington, DC) facing away. Photo by Lena Helt.
Sophia Ma
Conference manager extraordinaire Sophia Ma sports a snazzy TBC tank top. Photo by Eric Troudt.
Hanan of Miami gets the dancers pumped up during her workshop "Empowered Bellydance." Photo by Eric Troudt.
Zoe Anwar (Spain) and Zahava (NYC)
Zoe Anwar (Spain) and Zahava (NYC) embody mythical archetypes in Aepril Schaele’s workshop of the same name. Photo by Eric Troudt.
Francesca Ferrando
Conference volunteer Francesca Ferrando performs the archetype of "the Artist" in Aepril Schaile’s workshop "Embodying Mythical Archetypes." Emeline Nandrot at back and Armineh Keshishian at right. Photo by Eric Troudt.
Yvonne Brunot (Vermont), Emeline Nandrot (France) and Isabel Villarreal Elizondo (Mexico)
Yvonne Brunot (Vermont), Emeline Nandrot (France) and Isabel Villarreal Elizondo (Mexico) in Aepril Schaele’s workshop "Embodying Mythical Archetypes." Emeline portrays the unfaithful lover. Photo by Eric Troudt.
Anasma's workshop
In a guided exercise, participants in Anasma’s workshop "Character Embodiment and Character Development" walk toward the selves who they want to become. Photo by Eric Troudt.
Aszmara teaches
New York dance dynamo Aszmara teaches "Dynamic Staging to Enhance Stage Presence." Photo by Eric Troudt.
Fahtiem during a warm-up
Fahtiem during a warm-up for her workshop "Using Imagery in the Dance." Photo by Eric Troudt.
Co-teacher Dixie Rose of P.U.R.E. puts a mask on conference attendee Karolina
Co-teacher Dixie Rose of P.U.R.E. puts a mask on conference attendee Karolina in the workshop "Bodylove" with Kaeshi Chai

Part 1: The Panel Discussions
Part 2: The Performances – Review by Thalia and Part 1 of the photos from the DNA shows

-More photos coming of the dinner shows, workshops, the shopping trip-

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