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Part 5: Dinner shows

More Photos from the New York Theatrical Belly Dance Conference 2010

Photos by Sal Romano, Stacey and Clement Lespinasse, Eric Troudt
posted October 13, 2010
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We held the dinner shows at two of the most supportive environments in New York for bellydance: Je’bon Noodle House on St. Marks Place in the East Village and the Lafayette Grill in Tribeca. We made it our goal to give every conference participant the chance to perform, either to recorded or live music from one of our great local bands. How lucky we were to have some of the best and most beloved musicians on the New York Middle Eastern scene accompany us at each of our dinner shows! At Je’bon Noodle House on Friday night we featured Scott Wilson on his multi-necked oud/guitar/saz hybrid with Leni Cohen and Rami El-Aasser on percussion, and on Saturday beatboxer Pete List and guitarist Rob Mastrianni of Beatbox Guitar entertained. For our closing Sunday night party at the more traditional setting of the Lafayette, Souren Baronian played clarinet with a complete ensemble: Haig Manoukian on oud, Mal Stein on drums, and Chris Marashlian on bass guitar. Friday and Saturday were open stage nights and on Sunday a mix of featured troupes, open stage performers and teachers wrapped up the conference with style.

Regina Hardatt from Queens, New York dances at Je’bon Noodle House.
Photo by Stacey Lespinasse.
Samra from Queens, New York at Je’bon.
Rita Pensa from Chicago at Je’bon.
Photo by Stacey and Clement Lespinasse.
New York’s beloved Scott Wilson playing the "Baglama Hydra": the top is an electric guitar, the middle is an Arabic oud and the bottom is a Turkish saz.

Photo taken at Je’bon Noodle House by Stacey Lespinasse.
From Right: Raqsie and Taylor as Miss Nypmh and Mister Satyr in an original piece inspired by Greek mythology.
Photo by Stacey Lespinasse.
Kyomi Gregory performing to the live music of Beatbox Guitar, with beatboxer Pete List in background, at Je’bon Noodle House.
Photo by Stacey and Clement Lespinasse.
Rivka Isskandreyya from Brooklyn, New York gets low at Je’bon.

Photo by Stacey and Clement Lespinasse.

New York’s Pete List of Beatbox Guitar beatboxes for Daniela Adriaenssens from St. Petersburg, Florida.
Photo by Stacey and Clement Lespinasse.
Bina of Bellyqueen at Je’bon.
Photo by Stacey and Clement Lespinasse.

Tandava from NYC (left) was our graceful and witty emcee at the Lafayette Grill closing show. With Anasma and Robert Boghosian on oud.
Photo by Sal Romano.
Alisha Lee of Goddess Belly Company in Seoul, Korea, dancing at the Lafayette Grill.
Photo by Sal Romano.
Jessina and Hip Freaks
Jessenia and the Hip Freaks from New York City in a comedic choreography at Sunday’s closing night show at Lafayete Grill. From left: Evelyn, Jessenia, Sianna, Amira and José at front.
Photo by Sal Romano.
Lena Helt of Stockholm, Sweden, at the Lafayette Grill, with Robert Boghosian on oud.
Photo by Sal Romano.
Unveiled Dance Company (NYC) dances to Mozart’s Thirteenth Symphony remixed to doumbek beats by Karim Nagi. From left: Athallia, Raqsie, Hillary Litwin, Marjorie Vera and Sola (Erel Pilo). Choreography by Crystal Esteves.
Photo by Sal Romano.
Roula and Souren
Roula Said of Toronto, Canada with Souren Baronian on clarinet.
Photo by Sal Romano.

Brooklyn-based troupe Bastet fuses elements of Indian and African dance styles with bellydance in an original choreography about a girl who becomes possessed by a temple diety. From left: Coko, Lasha Nazira, Elisabeth Wilhelm, and Olga El.
Photo by Sal Romano.
Zoe Anwar of Spain performs a spinning Dervish dance accompanied by Souren Baronian on clarinet and ensemble.
Photo by Sal Romano.

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