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Las Vegas Intensive 2010 Report

by Neferteri
posted January 24, 2011

Las Vegas is known for many things but in the last few years Belly Dancing is making it’s mark. We have several community halfa’s, workshops, conventions and great many dancers. There is a strong belly dance presence at the Renaissance Festival too! This year we have had all types of visiting instructors from near and far and a variety of dance troupes. There are several conventions such as The Wiggle of the West, and The Tribal Massive, and The Las Vegas Intensive. This year I was in town so I went to the “Intensive,” as it is called by those of us that live here.

This year the Intensive was held on the strip at The Flamingo Hotel. It was their 8th year to date. As a past instructor at the Intensive and I have witnessed it grow from an idea of bring community teachers together at a dance studio for a weekend of teaching to a 4 day event at The Flamingo Hotel. So yes, it has lost some of it’s intimacy, but it seems to be moving towards bigger and perhaps better things. I did get a chance to re-connect with some old friends and make some new ones.

Everything was well organize and seemed to run smoothly and the volunteers were awesome! My hat is off to the volunteer of this event. They were well prepare and were prepared to answer any question or concern anyone may have and I did ask. 

I enjoy going to events where everyone is well inform and knows what is going on. I been to a few events where I am dancing and the person at the event has no clue or they are 2 hours late. So, needless to say, I was impress with the efficiency at this event.

When I wasn’t day dreaming about some of the goodies that were for sale at the convention, I was able to watch the open dance show (I did a lot of sitting due to my injured toe). The show was well organize, and had a good stage area and sound system. I was also impress that they were running pretty close to schedule.  I hated standing around waiting to dance when the event is behind schedule so this was appreciated by me. The line up had dancers from Alaska to Isle of Man. I will say there was a strong tribal presence through out the event and around the hotel; Go Tribal!

There were cabaret dancers (including some men; yes I have pictures!) and tribal dancers. I did get a chance to talk to some of the dancers from other states as well as some of the international dancers. I asked some of the international dancers what they thought of American belly dancer? They say we were good maybe a little too good because we are very technical. Everyone did a wonderful job! It was nice to see everyone act very professional; I really didn’t see any diva behavior.

It was interesting to note that everyone I talk to said they came to the convention so they can say that they had danced in Las Vegas.

I over heard a dancer say she didn’t care if she was videoed in the parking garage as long as there was something that said Las Vegas! My, times have change! When I started dancing everyone wanted to go to California to dance at an event there (I still do).

There were lots and lots of vendors about 24, from near and far and their setup was well arrange as well easy access for the public. I have been to other events and vendors are push together, you can’t hear yourself talk. it was refreshing to see that their setup was comfortable to both vendor and buyer. I did stop by several vendors such as Firefly, Amira of Las Vegas and Joharah International, and they were excited to be in Las Vegas. When I spoke with a few of the vendors they did say that sales were down due to the economy. One vendor did say her sales were great last year but down by 15% this year.  So some are hoping that some mail orders will kick it. 

I had to buy something of course, so my new silk fan veils  have been added to my family props. I like them but of course they will never replace Seiti (my snake baby).

The fun did not stop with the convention there was an after party! The party was one of the highlights of “the intensive.” The after party was hosted by none other than  Mr. Harry Saroyan! He was a fabulous  M.C. and it was a good time had by all. There was food a live band and lots of dancing and of course an Elvis imperators, this is Vegas after all.

Top photo: Iihan of Las Vegas
unknown dancer1

Nina Nisha Castaneda of Las Vegas and Aurora

Bellydancers in Paradise

Makara of Volcano, Hawaii & Chandani of North pole Alaska


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