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Attention Dancers: Have You Seen this Man?

Hakim poster

Text and photos by Denise Mannion
posted January 31, 2011

Last seen in Texas at Y’Halla Y’all, the man pictured here spoke of himself as “Hakim”–soon to be performing with James Brown! (hmmm?)   Among the dancers, he was referred to as “The Mono-brow Backstage Stalker”. With his ever-present microphone and consummate photo-bombing skills, he persisted backstage throughout the Saturday evening show and endeared himself to everyone…

I promised that I would let the world of Belly dance know about this singular character! Watch (out) for him at you next event, for he could be anywhere!

Backstage at any event is normally quiet, fairly calm and professional, but, as you can see from the photos, it was quite the opposite this time! In addition to the abundance of participants, there was a film crew from China making a documentary. Interviews were conducted in Mandarin, and “Hakim” made the most of it! He could be spotted slyly skulking, and sometimes, flying into the photos, popping out from every conceivable hiding place to the surprise of everyone.

All of the dancers and musicians now have wildly preposterous photos of the event with Hakim in every one of them!

Enjoy some of the backstage antics!








Bozenka meets Hakim

Bozenka and Yao notice Hakim
Hakim again
and there he is again!
Hakim again
and again…
Hakim Bozenka and Kaeshi
Bozenka, Hakim and Kaeshi
Hakim and Amaya party on!
Hakim and Amaya party on!
Hakim, Bozenka and Estelle from China
Bozenka, Estelle and, of course, Hakim
Hakim, Estelle, and Tamalyn
Hakim, Estelle, Tamalyn and Bozenka
Hakim Frank
Frank, Virginia, Bozenka astounded by Hakim and his singing
Mia Politely avoids
Mia politely avoids Hakim
Moria, Virginia, Bozenka and Hakim
Hakim and Pangia
Hakim and Pangia
Hakim sings
Pat can’t believe Hakim’s song to Princess Farhana
Hakim and Princess Farhana
Hakim and Princess Farhana
Princess Farhana calls security
Princess Farhana contemplates calling security after hearing Hakim sing.
Hakim tries to be interviewed
Hakim tries to get interviewed for the Chinese documentary
Virginia tries to discourage Hakim
Virginia tries to discourage Hakim
Virginia finally convinces Hakim
Virginia is quite convincing!


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