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Bellydance Day 2010

Submitted by Shabnam

Photos by Bei
posted April 20, 2011

Bellydance Day was created by Shabnam to inspire, educate and celebrate the beauty of this often misunderstood dance form. The dances presented on August 21, 2010  included Saiidi, Modern Oriental, Egyptian to Fusion.

The workshops were held at Shabnam Studio that included stretch and flexibility training for Bellydancers, Egyptian rhythms for finger cymbals, Drum Solo and choreography.
The evening show was held at Rhythmix Theatre in Alameda featuring performances by: Aazura, Clint, Emi, Gita, Heaven, Mandanah,Ooh La La, Petite Jolie, Shabnam, Troupe Shalabiya


Group photo.
Dancers in picture are left to right Emi, Clint, Enisa, Heaven, Karimah, Shabnam (center), Julie, Jules, Paula (aka mahogany), Gita, Paula

Shalabiya  performed a Saiidi inspired cane dance with a modern twist. The dance featured unique formations, ample shimmies, twists  and spiraling cane work.

Aazura Nour performed a lovely veil dance. The dance combined lyrical movement, floorwork and many unique veil wraps.
Jules posing with photographer and dancer Bei

Jules posing with photographer and dancer Bei


Emi Reem is from Japan and a member of Shabnam Dance Company. She danced to a delightful Arabic pop song. Her dance was highlighted with graceful movement, flexibility and an endearing stage presence.


Gita is a member of Shalabiya and performed an alluring classical Egyptian inspired dance to Princess of Cairo. Her dance was accented by silk veil entrance, liquid shimmies and joyful stage presence.

Lebanese American dancer Heaven is a member of troupe Ooh La La and Shabnam Dance Company. She performed her Award Winning three part dance that featured veil, floorwork, finger cymbals and Drum Solo in a costume she sewed and designed herself.


Troupe Ooh La La La, directed by Shabnam, performed a daring goblet dance highlighted with undulating movements, torso pops and poses. It was followed by a dynamic drum solo complete with harmonious movement and the customary pinwheel.


Mandanah is well known for her finger cymbal playing. Her performance did not disappoint and featured an acapella finger cymbal routine in addition to dynamic drum solo.


Dance student Paula pre show


Ooh La La La, performed a goblet dance highlighted with undulating movements, torso pops and poses. It was followed by a dynamic drum solo complete with customary pinwheel.


Shabnam performed to Pink’s ‘Glitter in the Air’. The dance featured balletic movement, flexibility and silk veil work.


Thank you everyone for your continued support and see you in August 2011!


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