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Rakkasah West Fest 2011

Saturday, Main Stage only
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by Carl Sermon
posted May 3, 2011

Rakkasah West Festival is held every year at various venues in the East Bay of San Francisco, California over Friday Eve, Saturday and Sunday. This year the event was held at the Richmond Auditorium. This group of photos is from Saturday, March 12, 2011. Bands in the background include: Vince Delgado and Coralee, The Mediterranean Raqs Band, Pangia, and Al’Azifoon.

Previously posted: Friday evening photos, Saturday Page 1:A-J



Justina of Portland, Oregon



Kashmir of Los Angeles, CA


Leila and Maryellen

Mary Ellen Donald and Leila Haddad
of Oakland, CA and Paris, France


Mahalat of New Jersey

Mahalat of New Jersey



MaShuqa of Los Gatos, CA


Monica Berini

Monica Berini of San Francisco


Mountain Gyspsies

Mountain Gypsies of Mt Shasta, CA



Nabela el Shalimar of Modesto, CA


Naheda and Guentner

Naheda and Guenter of Germany



Namira of Lake Tahoe, CA


Natica's Poetic Dance Theater

Natica‘s Poetic Dance Theater of Richmond , CA


Neena Nour

Neena Nour


Open Floor

Open Floor


Open Floor

Open Floor


Queen of Persia

Queen of Persia of Mountain View, CA


Raks AfricaRaks Africa

Raks Africa of Oakland, CA


Raks Rosa

Raks Rosa of Santa Rosa, CA


Sassy Sirens

Sassy Sirens of Fairfield, CA



Selayma Anan of Sacramento, CA


Sese Presents

Sese Presents of Santa Cruz, CA


Sharifa and Troupe Tangiers

Sharifa and Troupe Tangiers of Walnut Creek, CA



Shazara of Boulder Creek, CA



Sidona Om Dunia of Boise, Idaho


Sirens in Sanity

Sirens in Sanity of Benicia, CA


Sirens in Sanity

Suhaila Dance Co

Suhaila Dance Company of Albany, CA


Suzanna Del Vecchio

Suzanna Del Vecchio of Denver, Colorado



Tamzine of Renton, Washington



Tanya Tanya of Greece


Tiger Lillies

Tiger Lillies of Vancouver


Troupe Dhyanis

Troupe Dhyanis of San Rafael, CA


Turkish Delighs

Turkish Delights of Sunnyvale, CA



Una of Cupertino, CA


Zilly Girls

Zilly Girls of Santa Rosa, CA



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  • Paula, 2011 Champion of Champions, Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition
    I do not know exactly what will happen, but I know it’s a beautiful start to present a Dominican dancer to the dance world. One very important thing also is that this award means to me that dreams do come true. I always wanted to be a dancer, and I could never really make it work because my country does not considered it a true profession.
  • You Say Zills, I say Sagat, So What’s the Difference?
    Nevertheless, many dancers outside the Middle East still think the only difference between zills and sagat is semantics – “two words for the same instrument.” If you’ve played both – correctly – I doubt you would agree.
  • Sahra gives us a reports on her friends in Cairo since the Jan 25 revolution.
    Sahra Kent with the help of Roxanne Shelby reports on what she has heard from her friends in Cairo since the protests began less than a month before this interview on February 20, 2011. It was conducted at the Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition in Long Beach, California
  • Hip Hip Hooray for Bellydance Day
    Bellydance Day was created by Shabnam to inspire, educate and celebrate the beauty of this often misunderstood dance form. The dances presented on August 21, 2010 included Saiidi, Modern Oriental, Egyptian to Fusion.
  • Fashion Trend Report 2011 What’s New This Year at Rakkasah?
    What I noticed, first and foremost, was not the costuming, but rather, a change in the sellers themselves. The seller demographic has radically altered, creating a new vendor landscape. Without a doubt, this is a response to the on-going sluggish economy and the need for companies to reduce expenses. The reduction in costumes and products coming out of Egypt also affected the merchandise. Many small factories had a gap in production, and shipping has become even more problematic.
  • Rakkasah West Fest 2011, Saturday, Page 1: A-J
    Afrita, Ahava, Ava Fleming, Bala Anat, Al Azifoon, Alea, Alnisa, Aruba, Banat El Hoggar, Black Diamond, Black Opal, Dancer of the Crescent Moon, Dancers of the Pharoah, Desert Heat Dancers, Elnora and Rhonda, Fringe Benefits, Hamsa, Hanna Lissa, Jasmine Jennifer, Jewels of the North

  • Gothic Bellydance has taken years to develop fully and define itself more exactly, but it has developed. Steampunk has different origins, but there are very specific things that are unique to it as well.
  • The Controversy, Learning to Love Eternal Debate
    The path of artistic innovation is not a forward pointing line; it is a pendulum. Art doesn’t move foreword cleanly; it bashes against ideas and is repelled by them! Movements emerge from conflict, not despite it.
  • As the Music Fades, Egypt’s January 25 Revolution’s Impact on the Muscians and Dancers
    We can’t attain what they had in the past because we are not free. Our minds are full of work and what we should and shouldn’t do. There’s no time for good art. Politics mixed with religion does not make for an atmosphere where the arts can flourish.

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