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Rakkasah West Fest 2011

Sunday, Main Stage only
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by Carl Sermon
posted May 30, 2011

Rakkasah West Festival is held every year at various venues in the East Bay of San Francisco, California over Friday Eve, Saturday (Pg 1, Pg 2)and Sunday. This year the event was held at the Richmond Auditorium. This group of photos is from Sunday, March 13, 2011. Bands in the background include: Light Rain and Mary Ellen Donald.


Adira of San Jose


Anisa of Hayward, CA

Ashly Lopez

Ashley Lopez and the Orchids of San Jose, Ca


Ashley Lopez and the Orchids of San Jose, Ca


Damascus of Santa Cruz

Dancers of the Desert

Dancers of the Desert of Novato, CA


Danielle of Bekreley, CA

Desert Dream

Desert Dream of Santa Cruz, CA


Diana of Berkeley, CA


Dondi Dahlin of San Diego, CA

El Asab

El Asaab of San Francisco, CA

El Asab

El Asaab of San Francisco, CA


Evangaline of Alameda, CA


Fahtiem of Rowland Heights, CA

Fatima Al Wahid of Sacramento, CA


Ghawazee of Berkeley, CA

Ghawazee Alexandria

Alexandria of Berkeley, CA

Jaila El Wahid

Jamilla Al Wahid of Los Angeles, CA


Joweh of Santa Rosa, CA


Karavansary Dance Company of San Jose, CA


Lisa of New Jersey, CA


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