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Canival of Stars 2010- Page 1: A-C

Photos by Carl Sermon
posted July 16, 2011

The Carnival of Stars Festival is produced by Pepper Alexandria and Latifa at the Richmond Auditorium each year at the beginning of August. The stage at this facility is hard to beat. The wonderful lighting and the large stage make every dancer feel like a diva! Once again, Carl has done an amazing job catching the character of each dancer. This is page one of another lovely group of his photos. Check back for more soon! This year’s festival is just around the corner- August 6 & 7, 2011. Gilded Serpent will be there to witness and document this friendly event. See you there!

Aazura Nour






















Amira Ariana





Asata Dancers


Asia and Co








Black Diamond


Cathie Guthrie




Cory Zamora


Crystal Nyla


Crystal Silmi


Crystal Silmi



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  • Gigbag Check #22 with Cory Zamora!
    Cory talks with us after her performance at the Carnival of Stars Festival in Richmond, California, in August 2010. She shows us what she carries for her performance.Including an old style 2 piece cabaret belt, Egyptian style bra with no fringe and more. The performance clip includes beautiful floorwork done as only Cory Zamora can do!
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  • Gilded Serpent reports- Gig Bag check with Amira and Mom, Sadiya
    What does a dancer need to carry in her gig bag? Amira and her mom, Sandra or Sadiya show off her fancy gig bag and all the costumes in it that Mom made for Amira. Footage was filmed at Carnival of Stars in November 2008.
  • Gig Bag Check with Surreyya and Sultana,
    What does a dancer need to carry in her gig bag? Surreyya has a very special friend she carries in hers! Sultana, a leopard spotted boa constrictor enjoys being displayed for us and having a dance with her partner. Footage was filmed at Carnival of Stars in November 2008.
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    November 9, 2008, Event Sponsors- Pepper Alexandria and Latifa
  • Sunday at Carnival of Stars, Page 1: A-C
    November 9, 2008, Event Sponsors- Pepper Alexandria and Latifa.

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    surreyya hada

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    WOW – great pictures!!!!!  Can’t wait for this year!!!

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