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Canival of Stars- Page 2 D-H

Photos by Carl Sermon
posted July 26, 2011

The Carnival of Stars Festival is produced by Pepper Alexandria and Latifa at the Richmond Auditorium each year at the beginning of August. The stage at this facility is hard to beat. The wonderful lighting and the large stage make every dancer feel like a diva! Once again, Carl has done an amazing job catching the character of each dancer. This is page TWO of another lovely group of his photos. Check back for more soon! This year’s festival is just around the corner- August 6 & 7, 2011. Gilded Serpent will be there to witness and document this friendly event. See you there!
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Dawn Devine


Dance Pharoahs


Desert Heat


Desert Oasis Dancers


Dhyanis Dance Company






Eastern Lotus




Ena Cassia


Esperanza Zaza




Evil Eye Dance Company




Gamila Awi Awi


Goddess Force


Guest Dancer


Hala Dance








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