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Helm’s Musical Adventures, Part 3

Helm's Musical Adventure in Europe!

by Ling
posted October 28, 2011
Part 1: India, Part 2: Tribal Forum in Rome

Last winter my husband, Mark Bell, and I were hosted in Paris and Slovenia to teach Middle Eastern rhythms and present Tribal Belly Dance with live music. The following are photos from our adventures.


Anchored at the Bassin de la Villette, the Peniche Anako is a special barge, run by Virginie and Amar Kerovpian, an Armenian couple whose vision is to preserve the endangered ethnic cultures of the world with concerts, photos and art exhibits, storytelling and singing and dance classes.

Barge ramp
Ling accessing the Peniche Anako

We were thrilled to be hosted by the Kerovpians for a concert of traditional Turkish and Egyptian music, also presenting for the first time in Paris traditional classic ATS performed by Urban Shamans, a troupe formed by Julie de Saint Blanquat.


Ling poses with Urban Shamans
Urban Shamans

bottom: Aurélie, Irène, Fifi, top: Angelica, Ling Shien and Julie

To close the evening, my brother Henri Gohin, who plays in a Tango band, joined us with his bandoneon.

Ling's brother Henri
Henri Gohin playing Armenian tango

He played an Armenian tango like line dance with Mark while Virginie and I led the audience into this fun dance, commonly called Miser Lou. Virginie remembered it from her youth with the East coast Armenian community in the suburbs of Washington DC.

Miser Lou with Ling’s sister, nephews and friends
Miser Lou with Ling’s sister, nephews and friends
Virginie ( on left ) remembering her youth, Henri play accordian behind
Virginie (on left ) remembering her youth, Henri play accordian behind>

The line is spreading! Ling and her sister and nephews…
After the show,Mark playing with some Berbers on the banks of the Bassin de la Villette
After the show, Mark playing with some Berbers on the banks of the Bassin de la Villette

Earlier that day, we taught a drum solo composed by Mark and I, where dancers learned sajat patterns to fit traditional drum solo progressions.

Class in Paris, click for enlargement
Mark, Ling and the dancers, feeling good that they got it!
Click photo for larger view


The next day I taught a choreography to Waqt al Aseel, an original composition in the beautiful sama’i rhythm.

Ling teaches in Paris
Ling teaching the Sama’i rhythm

Left:Mark and Ling Shien getting ready to play for Urban Shaman. Right: French queen in a Rachel Brice posture at the Parc Luxembourg


Logo for Sheisha Zahir


Our hosts in Slovenia, Ksenija and her husband Tomas, run a sheisha cafe in Maribor, a charming town in the wine country that was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. The terrace overlooks the Drava river, where swans gracefully invite you to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Ling Shien plays on the terrace
Ling Shien plays on the terrace
Swans on the Drava river
Swans on the Drava river
Helping in the kitchen
Ling and Ksenija in the kitchen

The region’s best feature, along with the grapevines and hearty wines, are the beautifully built basements, arched structures with great acoustics.

Hillside vineyard
It is a nice hike to the top of these vineyards in the center of Maribor
Oldest vine
300 year old vine

In the neighboring town of Ptuj ( pronounced Ptuey), the Kulturni Dom Musikafe hosted the Tribal Meeting. We went back in time playing Amel for the Susan Frankovich’s Ting Tribe in the 400 year old basement.

Ling Shien, Mark, and Ksenija
Ling Shien, Mark, and Ksenija
Tomas was the MC at the Ptuj Tribal MeetingKsenija
Left: Tomas was the MC at the Ptuj Tribal Meeting. Right: Ksenija
Ting Tribe dancerTing Tribe dancer
Ting Tribe dancers

Ting Tribe dancerSusan Frankovich
Left: Ting Tribe dancer. Right : Susan Frankovich

The shipment of finger cymbals from the US was stranded in customs, where the mafia was asking some absurd amount to clear it, but according ot Susan Frankovich, they would have asked 3 times that amount in Croatia, which is why she didn’t bother trying. We have since heard from Suzan that the shipment finally cleared under reasonable conditions, thanks to Ksenija’s know how, and the Ting Tribe will be able to live up to it’s name.  

Maribor’s deepest basement  houses the KGB, Kulturni Glasbeni Brlog, or a cave for culture and music. In this fun bar  you can listen to a nice selection of lesser known American rock and roll while tasting local micro brewery beers.

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