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Tribal & Textile Arts Fair 2012

IPhone Photos of Pretty Stuff from a Trade Show

Iphone report

by Lynette
posted March 7, 2012

On February 12, 2012, at Fort Mason in San Francisco, my husband George and I made a quick visit to an annual folk arts show. This visit soon turned into a report for Gilded Serpent! There were so many items I could see that our readers would appreciate that I asked the vendors if could snap a few photos on my little phone. They didn’t turn out too bad! Next time I will take better notes about each piece.

George talked to one of the vendors about the history of some of the items. Some of the pieces seemed too valuable to not be in a museum. The vendor told him that the organizers of the show had a whole separate room of items that they wouldn’t allow to be shown because they lacked "provenance". The sellers of those items could not show documentation that they were obtained legally.

Prices for the items on sale were way out of range for most of us. However it was nice to be able to touch the ones that probably should be in a museum. All photos were taken on an iPhone 4s.


A beaded mesh dress, South East Asia?

Central America?

Click photo- linked to larger image

Uzbekistan? " Needlepoint Lakai" per exhibitor-Caravanserai

That Siwa dress was on sale for over $600!

Egyptian appliquéd party tapestry

This is all embroidery- not print! Central America?

Tribal Fish

These little people were fringe on a rug.

Early 19th Century, Spanish Colonial, Oil on Canvas, exhibitor-Colonial Arts in SF

Detail of alligator harp above- Burmese, 19th Century, Sutterfield Tribal Arts, East Bay SF, CA
The vendor said this harp used to be covered in precious stones.

Head Hunter’s Trophy Basket. Each face represents a real head.


A modern Moroccan rug made out of currently more available materials


Nancy Hernandez in her assiut / assuit finery!

Snake women show up everywhere!

below the 2 hats is a pocket for scissors. I think Davina needs one of these!

Dealer helps potential buyer try on SE Asian sarong

Ethiopian Shield for $4500!


One more treasure at this fair- Mike Glad.
Beautiful photos and a wonderful documentary.
Go to his site and look at the wonderful photos!


Website for this Tribal & Textile art show



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  1. Tamara Blair

    Apr 29, 2019 - 08:04:33

    I am looking for my friend Nancy Hernandez, I noticed she is in some of your photos.

    Do you have contact information for her?

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