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Carl Sermon

Mendocino Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp 2011 Photos, Page 1

photos by Carl Sermon
posted June 17, 2012

Lynette the editor’s note: Well, I thought I could just pick a few photos from Carl’s selection of photos that he sent to me from last year’s camp, but there are just too many beautiful photos!. The pages will not be in chronological sequence. The below photos are primarily from Friday of the weeklong camp that ends on a Sunday. Readers, and camp participants, please help me with names and other details for the caption. Thank you in advance. Please send me the photo number along with the names.

The Mendocino Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp has been a community tradition since 1991. Joshkun says that several of the teachers first came as students. He is hoping to have a couple of Romani musicians teach this year. However he is waiting to see if the visa’s go through before he announces their names. Zadiel will also be at this year’s camp.

More pbotos to come! This year’s camp starts July 7, 2012. The camp website link is at the bottom of the page, below the photos.







1- Parade

ror watches Souren

2- Dror watches Souren


3- Party!

Shoshanna blows bubbles

4- Shoshanna blows bubbles.

Jill Parker

5- Jill Parker


6- Musicians: Dan Eshoo on kanoun (middle)

Line Dance

7- Armenian Folk Dance class, the dancer at the end with her arm up is the instructor, Naomi Eshoo

Line Dance

8- Line Dance


9- ? wears a costume from ?

Turban Lady

10- turban lady

Roxanne and Sahra dance

11-Roxxane Shelby, turban lady, Sahra in assuit, more …

sunset costume

12- ? wears a ? sunset costume

linde dance

13- Line Dance

1, 2, Sahra, 4


14- Masouma Rose wearing…

veil dancer

15- Veil Dancer- Sadie from Chico, CA

drum class performance

16- Drum Class performance

string ensemble

17- Georges Lammam‘s string ensemble
Georges in shades, ? on violin, ? on cello, ? on violin

string team

18- string team

ney player

19- ney player- Dennis Boardman from Portland, OR

ney player

20- ney player-Ari Marcus (son of Dr. Scott Marcus)

ney player

21- Scott Marcus on Ney

oud class

22- Naser Musa’s oud class performs

oud man

24- oud man

oud man

25- oud man

singing class

26- singing class, Yuval on oud

bread man

27- Dror play percussion on bread around the campfire

kid fort

28- awesome kid fort

Faisal class

29- Faisal teaches drum


30- Faisal

More soon!


Mendocino Camp info-



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