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Mendocino Camp Photos, Page 3: Thursday Fire Dances!

Joshkun and Company are Back Playing in the Woods!
Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp 2011

photos by Carl Sermon
text by Shoshanna

A day at the Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp starts with breakfast. At the beginning of the week you see many bright-eyed campers ready to eat and set forth on a full day of classes, but as the week goes on the wonderful late-night parties seem to tempt more campers to have just a little more sleep before grabbing coffee and dashing off to class.

With three class periods before lunch and four after lunch it’s very difficult to decide what to take. At any time you’ll find Belly Dance, Folk Dance, singing, and many instrument classes happening all across the campground. The air is rich with music everywhere you go, and even in the lines for lunch or dinner there will be spontaneous drumming jams and improv dance sessions. It’s a true immersion experience where you can attend the same schedule of classes all week that builds and progresses, or sample classes here and there to get a taste. At the end of the week I might not be quite ready to dance in the afternoon, but there is always Yuval Ron’s singing class that welcomes wanderers with a smile and a packet of song lyrics.

Since I teach a class at Camp, organize the vendors and coordinate the dancers for the late night Cabaret dance parties (as well as take care of my little girls and try to take a few classes), I don’t arrive in Mendocino planning to do much sleeping, but I look forward all year to that first night, settling into my cabin with exuberant melodies swirling through the woods from the Dance Hall reminding me that I’m in for what will this year be my 17th delicious retreat of music and dance in the Mendocino Woodlands.

Page 1:Friday photos here
Page 2: Monday photos here

Rebecca Firestone

Rebecca Firestone

1- Rebecca Firestone

fire circle

2- Fire circle- dancer’s names?

3- Fire fans- Katarina

4- double fire fans!

5- candles

6- arson 😉


7-bolo by ?

8- Fire baton by Isaiah

9- Fire goddess- Katarina

fire duet

10- Fire duet with Katarina above and Rebecca below


More soon!

Mendocino Camp info-
This year’s dates are July 7-14, 2012– starts TODAY!


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    Footage captured in August 2008, at the Mendocino Woodlands, Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp.
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  • Leila Delivers Live Music Under the Stars, Camp Negum 2010
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    The idea came to us as we laid on the beach at Ras Sidr, a resort town near Suez on the west coast of the Sinai Peninsula. It was one of those rare times when my husband, Safaa Farid, and I could slip away from work for two days. We were watching the wind surfers and listening to Om Kalthoum on the clubhouse speakers when the question just popped out.
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    My dancing is fuelled by my understanding of the music and now, my playing is influenced by the emotions I experience when I dance. It is a cyclical experience which has been boosted by this incredible opportunity to work with some of the most talented Arabic musicians on the scene.
  • Oasis Dance Camp South A New Twist on an Established Retreat
    Every student received a personalized notebook and music CD, which included class notes and news articles about dance and culture.
  • Folk Tours 6th Annual Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp
    held at Camp Greenlane in Pennsylvania, May 2008. The authenticity of the camp is amazing. I love Rakkasah and Tribal weekends as much as anyone else, but watching and listening to Arab musicians play Arab music and Turkish musicians play Turkish music, well, that adds a little something! After the nightly shows, the musicians keep playing to the wee hours and the camp dances in the big dining hall until we drop.
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  • My First Day at IBCC 2012, The International Bellydance Conference of Canada held in Toronto
    The first day of IBCC is always exciting – participants are full of pep, hungry to learn, and ready to try it all! Selecting which of the tempting workshops, lectures, discussion panels, and shows to attend is daunting. Like many others, I found it really difficult to decide what to go to and what I’d have to miss; with so many things happening at the same – and overlapping times – not being able to take in everything you want is unfortunately inevitable.
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