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Dancing One’s Fortune: Told in Tarot Cards

Photos from Mariona’s "Book of Thoth" Production

Spain with Mallorca

by Gabriel Monserrat Lopez
Intro text by Helwa
posted July 19, 2012

Mariona Cruz is a young, talented dancer and instructor in Spain who has established her dance school in Palma de Mallorca, naming it the "Escola de Dansa Oriental of Mariona Cruz". Mariona has always produced her annual shows and recitals using a theme, and in 2012, "The Book of Thoth" was her theme of choice. The show took place on June 10, 2012, at the Auditorium of Paguera in Calviá, Palma de Mallorca.

According to ancient tradition, "The Book of Thoth" was the legendary repository of Egyptian mysteries that are connected forever with occult knowledge, paranormal studies, and other esoteric secrets as well as magical systems. The Book of Thoth has long been associated with the Tarot system.

The current edition of "The Book of Thoth" was inspired by the magic that contains the knowledge of the destiny life, converging finally in the production of Tarot cards. It is said that the Gypsies have inherited the art of circus from "The Book of Thoth", a book written by an Egyptian God, encompassing all the mysteries of Cabala and alchemy. The magic contained some spells that revealed scenes and stories from the past, the present, and the future! Thoth knew that the book should remain hidden because, revelation of its secrets would be dangerous. This god, Thoth, gave the book to the Sphinx for her protection, keeping it secret for many centuries until the moment when the Gypsies emerged from India. "The Book of Thoth" transformed into the Tarot cards and was taken to Europe by the Gypsies along with their music.

Each dance of Mariona’s 2012 show was an interpretation from one of the Tarot cards with their specific stories, characterizations and magical spells. The show begins by presenting a circus titled "Habibirot" that was formed by artists from many parts of the world. A professional orchestra came from New York, and the "tallest woman in the world" came from India. Additionally, from Italy, there was an incomparable "tightrope-walker", "leopards from Africa", and from Egypt, the "most beautiful dancer in the world"! From Turkey, a "Gypsy fortune teller" revealed what she saw from the future and the past.

The colors and stage decorations were created by Aina Cruz (Mariona´s sister, who is also an Oriental and Classical dancer). The songs were selected by Mariona Cruz. The live music was played by Gabriela Seguí on violin and  Laura Martín on piano. The costumes were custom-made by Rosa Valls (Mariona´s Mother and also an Oriental Dancer) and Laura Martin who is a costume designer and one of Mariona´s students. The result of this collaboration was a 2-hour journey of an enchanted dancing. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, please take your seat on this intensive dance tour!

Mariona Cruz
The soul of Roma Havasi

Mariona ends her Romani dance with a Turkish drop

The Fantasy of Veil Dance
Maria M., Laura M., Tere P., Ruth B., Mallu G.


The Maximum Cambré
Maria M., Laura M., Tere P., Ruth B., Mallu G.


Multiple fans of silk
Mallu G. leading the line


The New York Orchestra
Nuria S., Marta F., Tere P., Laura M., Ruth B.& Neus Q.

"The Tallest Woman in the World"
Mallu Gascuñama (performing on a platform)

"The Tightrope Walker"
Aina Cruz and Arià Cruz

"The Leopards"

A Mysterious woman,
Maria Del Mar Moya

The Gypsy Witch telling a fortune
Neus Vila

Raks Al Asaya
Neus V., Aina C., Neus Q., Rosa V., Nueria S & Marta F.


The Hermit
Ayelen, Ana P., Cristina S., Dora M. & Cristina M

The Devil and the Dancers
Rocio, Gabriela, Lucia, Cristina & Laura

Lucia, Ole’!

The Final Step
Rocio, Cristina, Lucia, Gabriela & Laura


Neus Vila leading the line of Isis wings

Rosa Valls  & Nuria Sastre

Final pose for a Trip of Fantasy
Rosa V., Nuria S., Neus Q, Neus V., Aina C. & Maria

Oriental classic dance
Gabriela, Laura, and Mariona

Flowers for the teacher

Mariona Cruz and all her pupils

Mariona Cruz and all her pupils




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    Jul 23, 2012 - 12:07:12

    The story of my show “The Book of Toth” has been wonderful, thanks to the wonderful pictures of Gabriel Montserrat.
    Mariona Cruz
    Director and teacher Escola de dansa oriental Mariona Cruz

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