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Munique brings Egypt to Spain Again

7th International Festival of Egypt in Barcelona 2013

photos by Gabriel Monserrat Lopez
posted June 17, 2013

This 7th annual event is sponsored by Munique Neith, a dancer and teacher in Barcelona. Barcelona welcomed teachers and lucky participants for a festival that brought Egypt to Spain with well attended  lectures, workshops, and galas during four days of fun and learning, January 31st until February 3rd, 2013. This event provided a unique opportunity to learn the art of Oriental dance from the best names in Egypt. Randa Kamel (Egypt), Mo Geddawi (Egypt), Gamal Seif (Egypt), Bozenka (Cuba/USA), Amar Gamal (Cuba/USA), Amaru Sabat (Spain), who together with Munique Neith ran workshops throughout an intensive weekend.

Crowded Room

A crowed room in Munique Neith Academy for the Opening Gala event.
The Opening Gala on Thursday 31st of January starts the Festival with a lecture and guest dancers from several countries.


Munique Neith (the sponsor) and the guest teacher Gamal Seif.
The lecture given by Dr. Gamal Seif with clarifying images to understand each movement made by the dancers.


Séverine of Switzerland
A very light and magical style, dancing like a fairy


The teacher and dancer Jelila of Barcelona, Spain
Raks al Shamadan to light up the Opening Gala


Amaru Sabat of Spain, – Bozenka of USA, Mo Geddawi of Germany and Egypt, Munique Neith from Brazil, Randa Kamel of Egypt, Gamal Seif of Egypt, Amar Gamal from the US.
The guest teachers to this edition of Egypt in Barcelona International Festival 2013 present on the Opening Gala at Munique Neith Academy


Competition and Performances

Catalina Malvide
1st prize in the amateur category competition at the Axxa Auditorium


Luciana Acosta of Argentina
1st prize on the professional category of the competition


Oriental Ensemble Bellyrina of Russia
1st prize in the group cathgory of the competition


Barbara Medina of Barcelona
1st prize in the advanced category of the competition


Grupo Razyia of Pama de Mallorca, Spain
Raks al Assaya, Folklore participant in the group category of the competition

Marina Pristupa
A young talent with a diva style. A contestant in the competition


Carolina Sandra

Carolina Sandra
Elegance in all the movements. Participant in the National Gala on Friday the 1st of February at Axxa Auditourium


Ballet Munique Neith of Barcelona
A unexpected “fountain” or “flower” with veils. Always surprising performances



Light colors for a light dance in Oriental style.


Vanesa Moreno of Asturias, Spain
The essence of Baladi. Dancing like this is done in Egyptian homes.


Gisela of Vitória, Spain
The power and elegance of a Tribal Fusion style


Iraqi Khallegi

Grupo Yalla Mayurqa of Palma de Mallorca, Spain
A surprising  Raks al Assaya performance with alive sticks sound. The audience participated by clapping their hands on the Saidi rhythm


Folklore Group of Munique Neith
One of the most feminine dances on Oriental World in a colorful performance


Pablo Acosta of Argentina
The creative and elegant  style of a male dancer who brings  the beauty of an Oriental show


Warda el Malayka Group of France
A colorful performance with a big young  group with big talent in this Raks al Assaya  with double  cane dance performance.

Malayka Lea of France
The leader of Warda el Malayka Group. Young and very talented Oriental dancer


Donne di Ararat
A joyful and energetic Hagallah dance


Anastasia of Russia
The Russian style of Oriental dance with a very elegant and remarkable print


Helwa of Brazil
The pioneer of Oriental dance in Palma de Mallorca opens the International Gala on Saturday the 2nd of February at Axxa Auditorium with her characteristic warm smile


Alimah d’Alessandria of Russia
Much energy and elegance and her dance and costume design. Talent!

Malayka of France
Lively dance showing the French style of Oriental dance


Jelila of Barcelona, Spain
The young talented teacher and dancer on a amazing performance of the classical "Beetweeneks Beek".



Roberta Kelly of Brazil
The talent and creativity  with fan veil dance


Amaru Sabat
Amaru Sabat of Barcelona, Spain
The balance the sword is only one of great moments of this Raks al Saif


Amal Gamal of USA
The  golden godess showing her talent and joy and making the audience dream.


Bozenka of the US
The emotional performance of Canción de Aranjuez, the mytical Spanish song of Oriental style had the audience in Barcelona  Spain enchanted and touched.


Dr. Gamal Seif of Egypt
The ability of this dancer on the cane dance


Gamal Seif
The authentic  feeling of living art in Egyptian Sufi Dance


Randa Kamel (Egipt)
A big and happy  hug to the enchanted audience


Randa Kamel, Luciana Acosta with Munique Neith
Luciana Acosta of Argentina is receiving the 1st prize in the profesional category from the hands of Randa Kamel and Munique Neith


Group picture at the end of National Gala on Friday 1st of February.
All participants, winners of the all  competition cathegories  and the guest teachers.



Winners of the competition categories



A lively workshop of salsa fusion with Oriental dance


Gamal Seif
The power of Gawazee Dance on his workshop


Munique Neith
Thefestival sponsor sharing the energy of her style in a workshop of Oriental dance.


A shot of one of the crowded worshops rooms


Mo Geddawi‘s class group photo


Amal Gamal
All the technique of a drum Solo with her unique style


Randa Kamel
Her unique style is a invitation to dance Shaabi



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