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Mendo Camp Life Photos 2012

Page 1 of Photos from Mendocino Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp

photos by Carl Sermon
posted June 18, 2013

A week long immersion into Middle Eastern music and dance while camping in the Mendocino redwood forest. Expect live music every night and classes with many music and dance teachers each day. Many of the names are linked to video interviews we have conducted with individuals or to their bio pages here on Gilded Serpent. Joshkun is the organizer and has long been a supporter of Gilded Serpent, advertising seasonally before each year’s event. Thank you Joshkun! I hope this year is as wonderful experience as always! This year, the fun begins again on July 6!

Class in the forest

Forest classroom


Dror teaches drum ensemble

Musicians jam
1, 2, 3-Faruk Tekbilek, 4, 5-Hamid Saeidi




Joshkun, Suzie (Faruk’s wife), Faruk, ?

Jewish Sabat

Friday night Sabat
Yuval Ron on oud, Dror in yellow cap


Unknown girl in lovely coat!


Souren Baronian and Omar Faruk Tekbilek



Kitchen staff parade

Kitchen staff parade

kitchen duo

kitchen duo


Roy, an organizer

Paul teaches

Paul teaches a young dude

Salas toss

salad tosser

Shoshanna's family

Shoshanna and her girls


spinning skirt

Zombie musician

Zombie musician on a Persian Rabab?



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Mid East Music and Dance Camp



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