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Dosland Documents "Dangerous" Divas

Dangerous Beauties produces "Aura – An Evening of Dance Theater "

Photos by Brad Dosland
posted September 4, 2015

From the Press Release-

"Aura – An Evening of Dance Theater Featuring Heroines, Femme Fatales, Witches, and Rebel Queens SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 2015 San Francisco’s BRAVA THEATER.
The Dangerous Beauties are a collaborative collective of award-winning dancers and choreographers from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Their extensive repertoire encompasses ballet, jazz, modern, Middle Eastern and North African styles, both traditional and fused with a boundary-pushing contemporary flavor. Many members of the group are internationally known, performing and teaching around the world. Some are multi-disciplinary artists whose work includes backgrounds in theater and film, costuming and the visual arts. Directed by Surreyya Hada and co-directed by Princess Farhana, Rose Harden and Nyla Crystal, Dangerous Beauties features Principals/Choreographers Sabrina, Terry DelGiorno, Talia Soleil, Dusty Paik, Maharet Hughes, Calamity Sam and many more."

Hecate- Patricia Miller

Patricia Miller plays Hecate and serves as the narator

Modern in Undies 1

GaiaKirsten Williams and Strong Pulse Dance Company

Princess Farhana as Mata Hari

Princess Farhana as Mata Hari


Dusty Paik in La Santismia Muerte

Modern in Undies 2

Joyce Lien-Kushner and Gino Kibby-Thomas performs Delilah and Samson

Beth and Troupe

Goddesses of Mt. Olympus
is danced by
Paula Plessas, Nick Gray, Chelsea Mullholland, Surreyya Hada, Rose Harden, Tina Lui, Joyce Lien-Kushner



Nyla Crystal as Nyx

Blue Veils

Gold Star Dance Company (including Kami LIddle performs Hemera


Calamity Sam play Lillith

Frigne Mosters

Venus – Millie Maddox and Charlie Grubelle



Brittney Lalei in Artemis


Talia Soleil plays Pele

Mira Betz

Mira Betz in the Oceanides




Oya lansa Mariana


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