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Finally posted on July 12, 2015, photos by Monica Berini and Lynette

Aura at the Brava Theater in the Mission District of San Francisco

More photos by Brad Dosland coming soon in a feature photo spread!

Produced by Nyla Crystal, Rose Harden, Surreyya and Princess Farhana

on March 21st, 2015


Hecate the MC played by Patricia Miller

Photo by Monica

Surreyya sings and dances!

Surreyya sings and dances!


Cleopatra and attendants played by Sabrina Hart with Terry on the right.


Lillith played by Calamity Sam

Mira Betz

Mira Betz brings her ocean of creatures to the Aura stage.

z princess!

Princess Farhana plays Mata Hari

Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose transformes the Guadalupe into a primal goddess of the dead.


Surreyya and group with onstage musicians

POsted 5-31-15, Submitted by Theresea Jade
Jade's Jewels of Beladi Dancers

Posted May 31, 2015, submitted by Denise of Pangia

Belly Dancer of the Year 2015

click image for enlargement
Saturday Preliminaries
Zhanna, Emilie Lauren, Kaori, JodieLaDucca, Mireya Yamilet, Idena Suzanne, Alisha, Irina Eshta, Natika, Jennifer,
Jillian, Cassandra Rose, Henna, Nilay, Gameela, Fnina, Rozy

8 FINALISTS for the Solo:
Irina Eshta, Natika, Jennifer, Jillian, Cassandra Rose, Henna, Fanina, Rozy

Pangia played the live music for the finals so I do not have photos of the winners of the solo.
CASSANDRA ROSE is Belly Dancer of the Year 2015!

DUET Sumaia and Natika 2015 Duet of the year
To their Left 1st runner up: Jamie Nyland and Hassan Yousef Deeb
2nd RU Dee Mella Dee

Tribal Soloist
Lulu Stone, Zyphire, Winner: Bindu Bolar aka Tribalina,
2014 Tribal soloist: Draconis, Event Director and all around miracle worker as well as fabulous dancer: Jennifer Cooper

TROUPE of the YEAR 2015
Raks A’Diva – on right in fuschia

Posted April 9, 2015, Submitted by Denise of Pangia

"Hi Lynette! Just returned from the 35th Rakkasah West. Pangia played for many dancers and we had a great time.

Pangia on stage at Rakkasah West 2015

Pat & Marikesh Express band leader Var Daghdevirian,
Pat and Var


Pangia playing for Linda Grondahl of San Francisco,

Linda dances


Pangia percussion section: Tim Bolling, Shade of Diamond Pyramid, Linda Grondahl,


Love Denise"


posted 3-17-15 submitted by Lynette

Sausan‘s Al Masri Restaurant in San Francisco on March 8, 2015

Al Masri

Judy dances at Al Masri with Amina‘s Pasha Band.
Names? 1, 2, 3- Judy dancing, 4- Hussain on oud, 5- Susu, 6-Hana, 7-Jelal Takesh in the dark on kanoun, 8-Amina in the dark on tamborine

Monica, Rachel, Lynette

Monica, Rachel of New Zealand, Lynette


Linda Grondahl

Al Masri

Posted 1-10-15, submitted by Atlantis, Photos by Carl Sermon

BDUC 2015 Champions!

Don’t miss the 2015 competition happening on Valentines Day weekend!

Category- Egyptian: Acia Legras, France

Junior: Lorelei, Florida

Little: Enrique, California

Specialty Props: Karlos Khalil, Puerto Rico

Taxsim: Nadirah, California

Universal: Masha, California

Posted on December 11, 2014

Interview with Ishmael and Amel Tafsout Part 2: Ishmael and North Beach

Gilded Serpent interviews Amel Tafsout and Ishmael at our offices in Marin County, California, in November 2012. This section focuses on Ishmael and his experience in the North Beach district of San Francisco. Ishmael has been a professional musician since childhood. He played in the Arab Clubs in the early 60s. Find out more about our dance community and the North Beach era here

Posted 11/25/14, submitted by Donna Kirwan (PR Agent for Kanina Dance)

Condenced from the press release:

On Sunday, November 2, 2014, Kanina Dance hosted a belly dance showcase called “A BILLion and One Nights.”
Held at Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxet in Cranston, RI, one hundred percent of the event’s proceeds went to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. 

Kanina‘s event is a tribute to her late husband, Bill Hague, who passed away from lung cancer in March of 2014. “This past spring, my beloved husband, best friend and greatest fan lost his battle with lung cancer,” says Kanina. “He was the greatest supporter of Kanina Dance and the backbone of our annual show which is called ‘A Thousand and One Nights.’ My students and I are dedicating this show to the man who made all of it possible and have renamed it ‘A BILLion and One Nights: A Tribute to Bill Hague (Mr. Kanina),’ in his honor. Because of the care given to him by doctors at Dana-Farber, we were able to celebrate his 70th birthday, our daughter’s wedding, and unforgettable holidays with our entire family. We are so grateful and hope that this event will help contribute to finding a cure for this disease.” The Harry Bedrossian Ensemble features: Harry Bedrossian (keyboard), Mitchell Kaltsunas (oud and vocals), Leon Janikian (clarinet) and Charles Dermenjian (doumbec).

Group photo- click for enlargement

“A BILLion and One Nights” dancers (unless otherwise indicated) pose together at a post-event photo op. Row one (seated): Stephen Foote (lighting), Kristen Watson, Lizzy Radka, Danielle Peloquin, Ki Distani, Christopher Alvarez (music). Row two: Audrey Coughlin, Lenden Chin, Cristina Soares, Carlen Adler, Kanina Hague, Cheryl Oates, Nancy Hawksley, Kara Codyer, Michaela Brockmann, Laura Ducie (development officer, special events, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) Martha Whittier, Ann Marie Sylvester, Claire Leathman, Lisa Paliotta, Leticia Peralta, Beth Machon, Sandra Brown, Erika Israel, Claire Marschak, Laureen Delmenico, Shawna Smith.
Photo taken by Roger Johnson. Click image for enlargement.

Check presentation
Kathy “Kanina” Hague presents a $10,000 check for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to Laura Ducie, Dana Farber’s development officer, special events.
Photo taken by Roger Johnson.


Cristina Soares performs a Moroccan tray dance during the showcase.
Photo taken by Leslie McNally.


Kathy “Kanina” Hague, dances in front of clarinetist Leon Janickian.
Photo taken by Leslie McNally.

Group performs

Members of the Beledi Dance Company perform at the fundraiser.
Photo taken by Leslie McNally.

Posted 10-2-2014, submitted by Nadira

Nadira poses with Baby
Nadira backstage posing with Baby the Ball Python for some fun snake time before dancing in the Bal Anat show in Santa Cruz, Sept 2014


posted 9-20-14, submitted by Amina Goodyear
Amina's photo with band at Nisaa's
Nisaa of Missouri hosted Amina Goodyear, Susu Pampanin, Husain Resan and Jalal Takesh of the Pasha Band
to play music and teach 2 days of workshops at St. Charles Community College (St. Louis MO) Sept. 6-7.
Here’s left- right after the Tarab Show: Nisaa, Jalal, Irina, Husain, Melody and Susu. Photo by Amina

Posted 9-18-14, Submitted by Princess Farhana, Photo by Maharet Hughes, GraphicVibeLA

Princess Farhana celebrates!

On July 20, Princess Farhana and Issam Houshan held a big bash celebrating the release of Issam’s new CD, "The BaLAdi Tour"
at Studio Iqaat in Los Angeles. This is the cast after the sold out show:
Left to right, top row: Qabila Folkloric dancers Jenn Aguilar and Shanna; DeVilla, Princess Farhana & Issam Houshan, Aubre Hill, Rania, Olu
Left to right, seated: Danny and May Fearnley of Qabila, Nathalie, Stefanya, Adrianne

Posted 9-18-14, Submitted by Denise of Pangia

Pangia with Linda and Mike

Pangia Friday at Tannourine In San Mateo, a pre Carnival of Stars Dinner show
l to r: Pat, Denise, Mike Fair and Linda Gronhdal.

Pangia with Laura
Saturday at Carnival of Stars with dancer Laura in yellow.
Pangia wants to thank all the wonderful and talented dancers who performed with us!
Pat, Denise, and joining us, Mike and Richard of Meridian band.

Posted 9-18-14, Submitted by Zorba, photo by Carl Sermon

Zorba in the Costume Contest at Carnival of Stars 2014

"The “Official” Carnival of Stars pix have arrived, virtually ALL of them are keepers.
Zorba as “Elegant Gothic Brolita”
You can even see my shoes and the updo for the costume contest."

Posted 9-18-14, Submitted by Terry Del Giorno
Terry Sponsors Baraka in a Workshop
Sunday July 13, 2014

Baraka teaching in San Rafael, Ca.
A workshop exploring elements of her soon to be re-released DVD
“The Dancer’s Toolkit” 
Photo L-R Top Julie, Surreyya Hada, Jordan, Baraka, Nyla Crystal, Terry
Bottom  Seba of WildCard and Sue Andersen

Posted 7-20-14, submitted by Amina Goodyear

Zadiel workshop at Metronome July 20 sponsored by Amina Goodyear
Zadiel workshop with Amina in Sf

Back row: Christie, Nyla Crystal, Courtney, Zadiel, Jordan, Marta, Tutie, Alnisa, Terry, Julie

Front Row: Eyyam, Nicole, Maria, Hasan Deeb, Jamie, Irina

Posted 7-14-14 submitted by Pam Svetlik

Fourth of July Mt. Shasta Benefit Walk/Run with Pangia

Denise of Pangia

Denise of Pangia, Pat in hat in background.


Pam and Mari

Pam, Mari, Barbara

Pam, Mari, and Barbara

posted 7-17-14

San Francisco Free Folk Festival, June 21, 2014. Presidio Middle School, SF, CA



Janine Ryle and Danse Mahgreb


Monica and Jasmyn Mabalatan

Sharifa and Paul

Sharifa dances with basket. Musicians behind her are Nathan and Yosifa Craver, MaryEllen Donald and Sharifa’s husband Paul.



Monica's group

Monica’s gang- click on photo for larger image.
l-r: 1-Heather T, 2- Meg, 3- Maysa, 4-Etang, 5- Janan, 6- Heather S., 7- Kathy, 8- Monica, 9-Tammy , 10-Anita. Not pictured: Dasha.


Posted 7-17-14,

June 21, 2014: Wildcard Bellydance perform with Helm Music at the Sleeping Lady in Fairfax, CA

Wildcard, Helm, Sleeping Lady


WIlcard, Helm, Sleeping Lady

Ling on flute, David on tamborine and Mark on Dumbek

Wildcard, Helm, Sleeping Lady

Reyna and Seba


Posted 7-14-14, submitted by Princess Farhana

Backstage at Studio Iqaat, Los Angeles for the Cairo Shimmy Quake "Aftershock" Party,
"Legends Of LA Belly Dance",  produced by Aubre Hilland Donavon Lerman.  Left to Right: 
 Kamala Almanzar, Anaheed, Princess Farhana, Aisha Ali, Helena Vlahos.  Not pictured: Zahra Zuhair and  Anisa, who also performed.
Event Cairo Shimmyquake held June 6 & &, 2014

Legends of LA

Combined Soloist Competitors from May 24, 2014, Belly Dancer of the Year
Belly Dancer of the Year and Tribal Soloists

Belly Dancer of the Year 2014

Left to Right:
Fariha Banu, Kimmy O Shimmy, Talia Phoenix, Jillian – 4th Runner up BDOY, Asali Naimah, Draconiss – Tribal Soloist and Congeniality, Tabitha – 2nd Runner up BDOY, Elena Nayiri, Malolo–Ryan, Nuriya, Rozy, JoAnna, Cassandra Rose – Congeniality BDOY, Star – Tribal  1st Runner up, Mychelle Crown- winner!, Saritza, Gameela 1st Runner UP BDOY, JR – Summer Sahar, Heaven Mousalem, Shureen – Tribal 2 Runner UP, Charisse of Shimmy Shazam – 3rd Runner Up BDOY

Click image for larger view.

Posted 5-7-14, submitted by Princess Farhana

Historical Fashion Show

  Backstage at The Historical Belly Dance Costume Fashion Show on  May 3, 2014 in Los Angeles.

 Jenza ( Suzanne McNeil) produced this amazing event, featuring 100 years of  belly dance costuming, from the 1890’s to the early 1990’s. The show  included true vintage pieces  and  faithful reproductions of costumes made by everyone from Helena Vlahos  and Diane Webber to Madame Abla. Along with luscious handmade  cabaret costumes from the 1960’s and ’70’s,  there were a number of antique  Assuit pieces, Bedouin and Kuchi dresses, and 1930’s-era  Ouled Nayl and Ghawazee ensembles made by Aisha Ali in the early 1980’s. 

 Pictured here, Left to right:   Oceana in a 1970’s  cabaret costume by Nadia Simone; Shira in a 1970’s Egyptian scarab costume by Kathy Sanders; Princess Farhana in an Edwardian era reproduction costume she made herself, Mesmera wearing a custom-made Hallah Mousafa original from the early 1990’s.

Posted 4-22-14

A video collage from the WOWMAD festival produced by Kevin Cloud in Oakland on April 19, 2014.

Just a few of names that may appear in this video: Tatseena, Briana di Mara, Dan Cantrell, Paul Marini, Lars Tergis, Calvin Lai, Haluk Kecioglu, Gopal Slavonic, Darren Johnston,
Marco Peris, Diana Strong, Ivan Velev, Greg Jenkins, Faisal Zedan, Katy Alaniz Rous, Omar Mokhtori, Zia Ahrari, Matt Wright
Miriam Peretz, Kristen Sague, Hannah Romanowsky, Mira Betz, Cathy Guthrie, Jessaiah Zure, Paul Werwick, Max, Jeanne Fogler, Mary Kay, Gina, David Feldhouse

Posted 4-22-14, submitted by Aisha Ali

Aisha likes this photo better than the one below of her leaning against Leyla. I think the photo credit is Nestor Leslie.

Aisha Ali's DVD release party


3-30-14, submitted by Leyla Amir

Gallery reception for Aisha Ali‘s DVD release of "Wedding in Luxor"
held on March 22, 2014 at the G2 Gallery in Venice, CA.

Leyla captures Aisha's troupe
Aisha performing with her group

Leyla poses with Aisha

Leyla posing with Aisha during open dancing.

Posted 3-27-14

Part 1 of our video interview with Amel Tafsout and Ishmael

posted 3-27-14

Hanna working hard at his desk at Bellydance America in New York City

posted 3-27-14
YAsmin teaches at the pagan fest

Yasmin Henkesh teaches the zar at PantheaCon in San Jose, February 2014

Us at the pagan fest
Look who we also saw there! Tempest and her husband, Nathaniel!

Look at that hair!
Yasmin and another long haired.

posted 3-11-14, submitted by Nadira- Producer-East Coast Classic

2014 East Coast Classic Troupe winners!

Here’s the troupe winner Wicked Hips
"The East Coast Classic and Competition is a weekend festival in Williamsburg, January 24-26 2014. "
[Troupe member names please!]

Posted February 27, 2014

On April 18, 2013, Gilded Serpent caught Helene Eriksen during and a dress rehearsal for the Anar Dana Project at the Mission Cultural Center in San Francisco
Helene Eriksen and the Anar Dana Project presents "Dances Under the Crescent Moon" featuring dances from North Africa, Mid East, Central Asia, Eastern Europe.
Dancers included Le’ana, Amanda, Monica Berini, Heather, and more.

Posted February 26, 2014

A video collage from
Jill Parker’s Dance and Diaspora
MWE (Turkish band) and the Foxglove Sweethearts
Dress rehearsal on Thursday Feb 21 for shows on Feb 22 & 23, 2013 at ODC Theater in San Francisco.
Members of the band and the dance troupe introduce themselves at the end.

posted 2-24-14, submitted by Amina Goodyear

Zar class with Yasmin Henkesh 2/23/14

Class photo for Yasmin's Zar workshop

Top row: Linda, Susu, Eyyam, Susan, Lovina, Kim, Yasmin, Sin, Sausan, Pat, Terri Anne
Bottom row: Juliana, Alisa, Mary Ann, Jeanne, Melody, Terry, Lupi, Marilyn, Missing from photo: Ellen, Jessica, Beatriz and Amina

Posted 2-18-14, Submitted by Princess Farhana
Here are pix for Community Kaleidoscope from "The Belly Dance HAndbook" release party at Studio Iqaat, Los ANgeles, Feb. 7, 2014

Princess Party!

Book release arty for "The Belly Dance Handbook" by Princess Farhana, held at Studio Iqaat, Los Angeles, Feb. 7, 2014.
The evening’s performers L to R: DeVilla, Jewel and LisaMarie Young of Isis Siren Sekhmet; Alli Ruth of Helsinki Finland, percussionist Donavon Lerman, Sabrina of San Diego, Lisa, Heather Shoopman and Shailee of Heavy Metal, Ninyshka. Kneeling : Princess Farhana and dancer graphic artist Maharet, who designed the book, available on Photo: Graphic Vibe Los Angeles

Princess and Drum Snadwich

Donovan?, Princess, and Isaam



Party from home!

"The Belly Dance Handbook" release party streamed live on the internet so  dancers all over the world could "attend"  from their  computers or tablets. This photo of Lisa,  Heather Shoopman and Shailee of  Heavy Metal  was sent in during the event, by home viewer Alice Dee, who took this selfie while she watched the show.

Posted 1-26-14
Tribute to Lost Friends at Ashkenaz, Berkeley, CA January 24, 2014

Vince and Coralie tune
Coralie Russo and Vince Delgado tune up their instruments

Moh Alileche

Moh Alileche Ensemble
Briana, Matt, Moh Alileche, Kevin Cloud, John, Tim, Diana

Posted 1-12-13

San Francisco’s Marrakech Restaurant last Sunday night, January 5, 2014

House Dancers
House Dancer- Heven


Bashir Shahin and Kalil Aboud play music for open stage

Marrakech audience

Terry‘s students: Michelle, Elena’s mom, Elena, Annie


Posted 1-1-14, submitted by Sahra

Meiver presents at CORD

Meiver presents at CORD

Meiver presents her paper at the CORD- Congress on Research in Dance

This year’s topic – Decentering Dance Studies: Moving In New Global Orders
A Joint Conference of the Congress on Research in Dance & the Society of Dance History Scholars
held in Riverside, California, on November 14 – 17, 2013

Posted 1-1-14, submitted by (and photo by) Davina ~ Dawn Devine

Richard Stieger by Davina

Richard Stieger of San Diego
Richard runs the audio desk for Bedouin Bazaar, and was a prominent writer for SAMEDA. Look for his coming work on Gilded Serpent!


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